Sunday, August 28, 2016

Via Cate

Via Cate is a traverse between 2 climbs, similar to Panaramica delle Vette.  I reached it by climbing up from Sarone to Il Cansiglio (packed with tourists today) then down to Tambre in Alpago.  Via Cate climbs from here not too steeply to Pianon.  From there the road levels out somewhat and follows the curve of the mountainside to Casera Cate and on to Villagio 1000.  I turned around there because a few years ago I'd climbed to Pian Formosa and was too tired to try that again.  Went back the same way.  Fun ride.
Note: I rode the Viner but never used the 32 cog.  I'm trying to save it for the crazy steep pitches.

View down into Alpago from Via Cate (paravalange)

Monte Messer above

Monte Pastour above Casera Cate

Colorful balcone at Pianon

The climb from Sarone 

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