Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Borgo Zouf

I've ridden past this turnoff dozens of times on my way to Lago Ca Selva but never tried to climb it.  It’s steep but rideable, even with a roadbike.  The first settlement you reach is Chiarazuela, then Staligal and finally Zouf.  Here a friendly man explained the only way down is a steep sentiero to the dam.  I retuned the way I came, gorgeous scenery.  Rode home fast, felt great.

View from Borgo Zouf

From Staligal

From Chiarazuela

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Pian delle More MTB

Rode up past Madonna del Monte and the car-free road to Bornass, then on the highway to Castaldia. From here I took the beautiful backroad to Collalto, then down to Pala Ghiaccio.  From here I rode on dirt down to the reservoir at Pian delle More, then back on pavement to Piancavallo.  Descended on highway to Bornass, then the backroad.  Beautiful.

Grassland below Pala Ghiaccio

Arriving in Pian delle More

Monte Resettum

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Centrale Antonio Pitter MTB

Testing my 80mm stem with a ride up the switchbacks from Montereale cemetery to Ravedis dam.  Coasted to the short tunnel and down to trails at Centrale Antonio Pitter, a 100 year old hydroelectric plant.  Found a new trail to hike along the spillway where water from Barcis rushed into the turbines. Very interesting area.

Lago di Ravedis below Pala d'Altei

Wildlife refuge where heron took off

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bomb Dump Loop

Rode to the post office to pick up my new MTB stem.  On the way home I took the old concrete road which Italian tanks used to travel, past the bomb dump, to the range at il Magredi.  The concrete is a bit bumpy but Fedaia’s steel frame softens the impacts.  You join the highway below Sedrano and continue through San Martino.  Lovely ride.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Coltura-Cansiglio-Piancavallo MTB

A favorite ride through gorgeous alpine landscape.  After warming up with a spin down to Coltura you turn right  on Via Ruals then left on  Via San Michele.  This soon turns to gravel and climbs continuously until reaching the paved road that connects with Cansiglio highway.  Soon you climb past Lama di Som and continue steeply on concrete and gravel.  Eventually you reach the paved road connecting the malghe and continue steeply.

Now you enter the shady old growth forest of Cansiglio and enjoy much sali scendi on dirt roads.  This ends as you emerge into grassland of Col di Scios.  Continue on Panaramica Cansiglio-Piancavallo.  Descended from Bornass to Costa.  Tired but happy.

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Cadolten MTB

Continuing westward down the front range we reach the climb to Cadolten.  After a long warm up from Giais via Rugolo and Montaner I started the climb  from Osigo.  Turn left on Via Pravinera and begin the endless series of concrete ramps and steep gravel stretches.  Mercifuly shady today so I never completely collapsed.  After the chieseta the shade vanishes but you continue in the prospect of reaching Cadolten before too long.  Finally cool and shady you reach the descent.  After La Crosetta all is bliss; even the few little hills don't bother you.

Malga Coro at Cadolten

Rocky hill Cadolten 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Troi de Rut and Troi delle Cloipes

A couple more Giais hiking trails to share with you.  I parked at end of pavement in Glera and hiked up the gravel military road toward Il Gravon.  Before long a trail veered off to the right and headed steeply upward.  It's not too steep to climb, but returning downhill would be pretty dicey on loose gravel.   It climbed unceasingly through the woodland and the terrain on the left gradually fell away into a deep gorge.  Cliffs emerged and then they fell away too.  Eventually it leveled out briefly and I found a point to get some photos from.  After a length of steel cable to hold on to you reach Casera Palussa, which was deserted today.  This is the end of Troi de Rut trail. 

Now begins the descent on Troi delle Cloipes, slightly less steep but just as shady.  It touches the edge of il Gravon, a large sun-exposed gravel face but I stayed on the woodland trail.  It ends maybe 100 meters from the start of Troi de Rut, a perfect loop.  Unfortunately I left the gps at home but it’s easy to find and follow.

The cliffs of Rut with
Glera in background

Another angle with cave opening

Trail map at Palussa

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Colline di Giais MTB

Fun MTB’ing in the hills around our village.  There are dirt roads and trails, flats and steep climbs, open grassland and shady woodland.  Wonderful area.

View north

View northwest

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Val Zemor

Last year rode down this gorgeous mountain road, so today I tried the other direction.   Beautiful and peaceful and never too steep.  Eventually joins the road from Stella to Mantaner then down almost to Artegna and the long road home.  Glorious bike ride.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Zuccul Supigna MTB

A cool July day perfect for a mountain bike climb.  I rode up past Osservatorio Astronomico to the trailhead for Pala d'Altei and pushed the bike steeply up the trail and then turned down the rocky trail to Zuccul Supigna.  Gonna have to hike up this promontory next time on a clear day soon.  Lovely ride and a nice work out.

Montreale Valcellina

Pala d'Altei


Monday, July 8, 2019

Clap de Pissol Hike

Been wanting to visit Clap de Pissol for a long time.  You hike north from Selva (Giais) past the internet ground station to the trailhead for Troi del Vuolth.  Climb to Baita Polo (aka Britol).   Head north to turnoff marked Clap de Pissol and continue to the cliff face.  Lots of water running through these cliffs today.  Beautiful views all along here.

Note Garmin cut off at Baita Polo.

Giais from Baita Polo

Panning west toward Aviano

Baita Polo

View toward Clap de Pissol

Baita Polo from Clap de Pissol

View east toward  Montereale

Pala Fontana

Cliffs with another spring above Glera

Friday, July 5, 2019

Montaner to Cansiglio

Cruised down to Sarmede and climbed to Montaner then found the narrow  Via di
Guitcillo.  I gave it my best shot and made it maybe two thirds of the way up, then stopped for 5 minutes to recover.  Alas I couldn’t pedal, so I pushed most of the way to the house where the scramble up slope begins.  The blackberry thorns weren’t bad yet and I soon made it to the dirt road. A few more upslopes and I was over the top, immersed in cool shady beech forest.  Descended to the highway from Fregona, rode briefly upward to the dirt road to picnic area.  From there continue on dirt then asphalt to the highway down to Sarone.  From there along Palu to Polcenigo, Budoia, Aviano and home.

Shady Cansiglo lane

Junction with road to Sarone

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Montelonga MTB

l rode up through the tunnels to Barcis, across the dam, continuing until just before the turn off for Piancavallo.  Turn left on paved road  for Montelonga.  This is deadly steep but I made it up without stopping.  At end of pavement you can continue without stopping but today I soon reached the first of many impassable treefalls which I climbed over, under and through.  This was a small sampling of the damage from the hurricane force winds that swept through northern Italy last November.  Eventually I took   the road eastward where less trees were knocked down and descended.  I ended up  meeting the behind-the-lake road again back almost at the dam.  Very fun ride.

The climb

The killer at the start

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Il Cansiglio from Sarone

Busy week and the only time for a ride is afternoon on the hottest day in years.  I warmed up on Via Pedemontane Occidentale and turned upward at Sarone.  The climb is unrelenting and the heat reflecting off the cliffs was baking me alive.  I persisted until Maloria where a tree provided some shade.  After ten minutes or so I returned to the world of the living and got back on the saddle.  After awhile I reached the shady Cansiglio forest and continued climbing until my drop dead time, just short of La Crosetta.

The descent quite relaxing and wonderfully smooth below the junction at Sarone.  Easy ride home.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Venezia delle Nevi MTB

I’ve  been wanting to see how this bike path restoration has been coming along and today finally got a chance.  The climb up past San Tome was wonderful as always, and then came a welcome surprise. The new road is almost finished, with chip and seal pavement on the upper stretches and pea gravel lower down.  I’m guessing they are in the process of chip sealing the whole thing eventually.  In addition to the lovely grading work they’ve done, the previously unprotected vertical drop offs now have sturdy wooden fencing.  The work has been done to a high level.  Hopefully word will spread and more visitors will come here to ride.

Dramatic scenery above the bikepath

Friday, June 14, 2019

Castello di Maniago

Kind of a last minute ride in late afternoon.  This climb has some tough gradients followed by a twisty descent.  Fun workout.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Arba Loop

Another flat loop, this time to Campagna, Arba, Tesis, the long bridge across the Magredi and Torrente Cellina, San Foca, Sedrano, San Martino and home.  Very fun.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Partidor Loop

Similar profile to yesterday but a different route.  I rode to Montereale then on a straight, slightly downhill road to San Foca.  From there to San Leonardo, Malnisio and home.  Wonderful ride

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tesis Loop

Finally when the sky had parted and I readied to ride I caught the flu and was useless for another  week and a half.  Today I could stand it no and more went for a spin.  It’s an excellent training ride down to Vivaro, across to Tesis and up to Maniago Zona Industriale.  I’ll try again tomorrow.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Cima della Cima

Rode into a headwind all the way to Villa di Villa then climbed up to Castello di Cordignano and over the new bridge above Rugolo.  At the sign to Castellir and Alpini church headed more steeply upward.  I struggled to within a few hundred meters of the church and conked out.  I rested awhile and reached the next climb up to Cima della Cima.  This winds upward to a rifugio and pretty old house.  Continued on dirt road up past the Alpine wetland and eventually reached  Strada del Patriarca.   Coasted back down to Villa di Villa and rode the tailwind all the way home.  Killer climb

Alpine wetland at Cima della Cima

Torrente Meschio from
Strada dei Patriarca

Sunday, May 26, 2019

i Fanghi

Best climb up the front range of the pre-alpi from il Cansiglio to il Tagliamento.  It’s wild, remote and physically challenging.  The altimetria below ends at the junction with the Panoramica  Cansiglio-Piancavallo but the actual highest point is 1500 meters at i Fanghi, a clay outcropping.

I descended to Piancavallo today but the road to il Cansiglio is another option  (Remember there is a rocky stretch if you have delicate wheels).  Another option is returning via Mezzomonte but I don’t recommend it on a roadbike because of all the deep drainage channels.

 Must try this if you’re in the area.

View from i Fanghi north


From Coltura to Panoramica Cansiglio-Piancavallo

Friday, May 24, 2019

Bibione Pineda

Another rare sunny day so I headed south to Bibione.  This time I continued westward to Pineda which has some lovely public beaches.  I arrived early enough to avoid the crowds, only a few runners and bikers.  Never bonked on the ride home but I did take a couple of rolling recovery breaks which give your energy output a chance to rebound.  Good ride.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

San Leonardo Loop

Finally a couple of hours without rain.  I got about halfway across the Valcellina bridge and decided the huge fog bank on the other side was too dangerous so turned around and rode to San Leonardo, almost to San Martino, and home.  Felt good to be pedaling again. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Prosecco Hills

Cruised down to Vittorio Veneto and up into the prosecco vineyards.  Hills covered with grape vines as far as you can see.  The climbing wore me out but luckily a nice tailwind pushed me all the back to Budoia.  More fatigued than usual after 2 weeks of rain delay.

San Procrazio

Prosecco vineyards San Pietro di Filetto

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


After 2 weeks of cold rain and howling bora winds I finally can ride!  I headed east toTravesio and visited Puntic, a restored Roman bridge over Torrente Cosa.  Lovely spot, which I’ll revisit to ride  the MTB trails.  On the ride home the wind was in my face, opposite to the bora.  Not too bad, like a climb it gives your muscles some resistance to strain against.  Fun ride.

Torrente Cosa

Restored Roman bridge

Torrente Cosa