Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Returned to a favorite place on a windy, winter day with crystal-clear sky.  I rode the loop counter clockwise for a change, with a beautiful climb from Pielungo to Orton.  I'm still blissing an hour later.  Must return

View up Val d'Arzino, with Castello Ceconi in foreground

German/Italian cemetery from Battaglia di Pradis (WW I)

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Brussa is a lovely undeveloped beach between Bibione and Caorle.  There's a museum (closed on this February day) which I'd like to visit.  It has a high observation blind which would be handy for spotting birds .  The dirt roads were wet from recent rain so I and the bike were covered with strada bianca spray.  Regardless, I had a great ride and enjoyed seeing all the wading birds in channels to the north.  I would like to try this ride again in early summer.

Driftwood on the sand

East toward Bibione

West toward Caorle

Monday, February 15, 2016

Ronciade Snowshoe

I wasn't sure there'd be enough snow- a couple weeks ago I rode up here and it was frost-free.  But it turns out there's plenty. I'm guessing 2 or 3 feet.  I headed up the trail from Coll Alto  and before long I was on virgin snow, no footprints or sci di fondo tracks.  By the time I reached the Trail Junction where I planned to head back on the high trail I was exhausted.  Definitely uses different muscles than road biking.  I stumbled back to the car on the same trail I'd come on, in a snowshoe-induced stupor.  Some food and a hot bath and I feel good as new.  I will return soon.  

Plow clearing the road in Piancavallo

More plowing 

View from Coll Alto

Faggio forest of Ronciade

Monte Cavallo

Saturday, February 13, 2016

La Crosetta

Finally a sunny day.  I decided to try climbing Monte Pizzoc if the road was clear.  We had some rain down here so I thought it might be snowy at altitude.  Road was clear until around 900 meters then gradually turned snowy.   It's been plowed so no problem ascending though still slippery to descend.

After La Crosetta I continued to the turnoff for Monte Pizzoc: no dice. Ankle-deep snow on the steep gradient.  So I turned back.  The weather had clouded up, which was fog at this height.  Lower down it was gloomy overcast.  I rode home in a semi-frozen state and took a hot bath to thaw out.  Maybe next week I'll go snowshoeing.

Frosty branches lit by sun

I'll try again in April

More hoar-frost covered beech trees

Friday, February 5, 2016

Sella Chianzutan

Sella Chianzutan is a favorite ride, winding up through beautiful Val d'Arzino gorge. It switchbacks up to a saddle valley between Monte Verzegnis and Monte Piombada.  I turned around here, but you could also zoom down the other side past Lago di Verzegnis to Fiume Tagliamento and Tolmezzo.  No snow today, but I did see a light dusting of frost on the mountains. 

Colle dei Larici

Monte Verzegnis

Nice workout after 50 km warmup