Thursday, August 18, 2016

Malga Fara

Partly cloudy this morning and the previsione called for mountain thunderstorms in the afternoon so I picked a short ride.  Up through the 4 km tunnel, right toward Andreis and then onto the road for Pala Barzana.  Just above Bosplans I took a right for Malga Fara.  This road doesn't mess around with switchbacks, etc: it just heads up.  I stood on the pedals for everything harder than 15% and the rest I just gutted out.  At the top I snapped some fotos and headed down.  When you rejoin the Pala Barzana road gradients are again are in the 14% - 16% range but soon let  up and you reach the top. Fun glide down to Valdifrina, Valcolvera, Maniago and home. Didn't get rained on.

View from Malga Fara to west 

View northwest

View north

View northeast

Andreis to Malga Fara climb

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