Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Zoncolan da Sutrio

I intended to climb a new back country route up Zoncolan via Priola, but riding through Priola I never saw the indication for the turn off, so I soon arrived at the big wide road from Sutrio.  I decided to do that climb and look for the other one for next time.  The bottom half until1200 meters is a good steady climb: 8 km averaging 8.4%.

At Zoncolan ski area everything changes and the road becomes a steep twisty narrow lane.  I managed to finish without stopping, but just barely.  The final stretch to the cycling memorial and  road coming up from Ovaro slew me.  Luckily I forgot my misery when I saw the views from the gravel road along the ridge at 1730 meters.

Very fun fast descent on the wider tires with discs.  Great workout.

View west from top of climb

Close up of Val Pesarina

Close up of valley climbing to Forni Avoltri

Peaks along Austrian border rising above Monte Crostis ridgeline

Looking down at Zoncolan ski area at 1200 meters 

Found the top of road from Priola but it has an
 order posted closing it. Maybe I'll try again later.

The steepness is concentrated in the top end 

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