Friday, September 29, 2017

Back to School

Rode to school  but they cancelled today.  No problem, nice day for a ride.

Fields below Giais

Monte Fara, Monte Raut, Monte Jouf

Pala d'Altei and Monte Fara

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Nevegal da San Boldo

This long hilly traverse from Passo San Boldo to Nevagal is one of the prettiest rides I know.  After the pass you descend to Campedei then again climb steeply toward Pianezza, a beautiful altopiano surrounded by fir forest.  Continuing northeast, more steep climbing followed by a fun plummet to Valmorel.  After Tassei you reach Piandelmont and climb steeply to Ronce, with several lovely forested stretches of strada bianca.  More climbing to Nevegal, where you begin the long descent to Quantin. After the Quantin cemetery turn onto the narrow steep lane down to Roncan.  Turn right and descend yet more to Cornelade and the shore of Lago di Santa Croce.  From here easy ride back down to Vittorio Veneto.  A classic.

Note: had GPS issues so I'm showing the map from a couple of years ago, which is mostly the same.  I did get a screen shot off the Garmin:  track distance is wrong, should be 72km

Above Campedei

Along the road from Campedei to Pianezza

Pianezza farmhouse

View from Pianezza-Valmorel road

View from above Tassei 

Asini near Ronce 

Monte Dolado from Quantin road

Alpago from Quantin road

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Mezzomonte-Valle Friz-Piancavallo

Rain finally quit so I had to get some riding in.  Rolled down to Colture then headed steeply up to Mezzomonte.  By now I was baking in winter clothes. so I stripped down to bike shorts and headed up toward the Cansiglio-Piancavallo panaramica.  At the junction near Col Palse I headed right and soon reached Valle Friz and then Casera Campo.  From Piancavallo an easy glide down to Via Pedemontanae and home. 

Swiss cow and dappled horse, Col Palse

Snowy September peaks toward Slovenia

Val di Croda cliffs above San Tome

Torrente Artugna

Snowy Monte Cavallo gruppo from Caldastia

Best local climb: it's official

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Pian Formosa

From Vittorio Veneto to Belluno spreads a spectacular cycling area: the Cansiglio altopiano, Lago di Santa Croce, the conch valley of Alpago, and Nevegal.  You're spoiled for choice and can't go wrong.  Today I revisited a spot I haven't seen since 2010, Pian Formosa.  I warmed up on this Novemberish September morning on Via Pedemontane and headed upward at Sarone toward il Cansiglio.  After crossing the altopiano I turned right at Pian Rosada, a gorgeous fir forest.  This ends up at Col Indes, with an eye-popping panorama of the Alpago conch.

I descended to Tambre and turned right toward Pianon.  Now you are on Via Cate, a cliffside  panaramica road  following the contour line along western Alpago.  At the turn off for Pian Formosa head steeply upward.  It's less than 2 km but makes you work for every inch, topping out around 1200 meters.

I headed home directly through the Cansiglio, skipping Col Indes and Pian Rosada.  Descending to Sarone something popped off of my bike as I sped over a big bump.  Looked around awhile and found my Garmin Oregon in the weeds.  I figured it was toast but it didn't miss a beat.  Heavy, but tough.    

Alpago panorama from Col Indes

Monte Messer

Pian Formosa

Monte Messer close up

The high pastureland of Pian Formosa

Sarone La Crosetta climb; I refused to use
the 34-34 gear out of vanity

Pian Formosa climb

Friday, September 8, 2017

Casera Casavento

Another favorite:  up through the tunnels to Barcis, Valcellina and Claut, then down to Lesis and up the switchbacks to Casavento.  Such a gorgeous place, yet deserted only a few days after the mass vacation of August.

Casera Casavento

Mountains to the north separating us from Val Pussa

The headwaters of Torrente Cellina

Wild crocus with cache of saffron

A fraction of the climbing but the hardest part

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Canal di Cuna

Another favorite ride.  From home through Meduno to Tramonti di Sotto, then turn right toward Tramonti di Mezzo.  Take the steep rightish turn as you enter town and the first alley on right is Via Canal di Cuna.  Ride the saliscendi along the torrente and at the bridge in the photo below you will begin to climb steeply.  Eventually pavement ends and the gravel road continues climbing.  A couple of places have been concreted due to erosion.  Up you continue until the road levels out at an abandoned settlement at Forcella Zuviel. 

After wandering around a bit I headed back down.  Very fun ride.

Rio Chiavelara where the fun begins

At the top the road continues aways, then turns to forest

Abandoned settlement at Forcella Zuviel

This spring has good mineral water.
UnfortunatelyI could only fill one bottle.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pala Barzana - Piancavallo

The forecast called for more rain so I planned to stay home, but suddenly Il Meteo updated, it was only partly cloudy and cool, I could ride!  I rode to Maniago, up through Fora Colvera, Poffabro ( where a festival was drawing crowds), and then over Pala Barzana.  More festivals by Andreis till I reached the main road to Barcis.  Over the dam and behind the lake to the climb for Piancavallo.  This back route is underrated:  14km of 6.6% is no joke.  At the top I opted for the main road because of my late start, but it wasn't too crowded.  Maybe the cool temps moderated the touristic hoard.  

Good workout on some trusty old companions. 

Monte Raut with Pala Barzana antennas cropped out 

Monte Resettum from top of Barcis- Piancavallo climb