Tuesday, May 21, 2019

San Leonardo Loop

Finally a couple of hours without rain.  I got about halfway across the Valcellina bridge and decided the huge fog bank on the other side was too dangerous so turned around and rode to San Leonardo, almost to San Martino, and home.  Felt good to be pedaling again. 

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Prosecco Hills

Cruised down to Vittorio Veneto and up into the prosecco vineyards.  Hills covered with grape vines as far as you can see.  The climbing wore me out but luckily a nice tailwind pushed me all the back to Budoia.  More fatigued than usual after 2 weeks of rain delay.

San Procrazio

Prosecco vineyards San Pietro di Filetto

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


After 2 weeks of cold rain and howling bora winds I finally can ride!  I headed east toTravesio and visited Puntic, a restored Roman bridge over Torrente Cosa.  Lovely spot, which I’ll revisit to ride  the MTB trails.  On the ride home the wind was in my face, opposite to the bora.  Not too bad, like a climb it gives your muscles some resistance to strain against.  Fun ride.

Torrente Cosa

Restored Roman bridge

Torrente Cosa

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Passo San Boldo

A classic front range climb west of  Vittorio Veneto, Passo San Boldo is always interesting, with its vertical stack of switchbacks, each ending in an 180 degree tunnel.  Today is Labor Day so there was an unusually large crowd of riders grappling up the gradient.   Maybe also the transit of this climb by the Giro’Italia on 31 May has heightened interest.  Fun climb.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Ponti Dignano e Delizia

I’ve been wanting to try the Tagliamento bridge at Dignano on a Sunday, when no trucks are on the road, but was afraid. It’s only two lanes wide, with no walking or riding space.  I concentrated on keeping my tires on the white line, but the concrete guardrails are only centimeters away.  I made it but I strongly advise never riding this bridge on weekdays when numerous 18 wheelers are transiting in both directions.  You either will be crushed or flipped into the bouldery river too far below.

After the river, great straight flat road south to Delizia with its lovely wide bridge.  Ride home was wonderful, felt like a tailwind all the way.

Tagliamento at Dignano

Friday, April 19, 2019

Monte Pizzoc

The climb from Sarone to Monte Pizzoc is a long relentless test of fitness, perfect for gauging your current capability.  Today we had perfect weather,  with only the wind-whipped summit at the extreme.  Wonderful workout in a nearly deserted landscape.

View toward Lago Revine and prosecco vineyards

Monte Pizzoc and Col Visentin

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Collalto da Lago di Barcis

Beautiful morning for a ride in the mountains.  I rode through the tunnel to Barcis, around the back of the lake, and headed up toward Piancavallo.  Deserted all the way.  At Collalto I put my jacket back on and coasted down to Pedemonte.  Wonderful ride.

Lago di Barcis

Monte Cavallo

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Lago di Cavazzo

After a long rainy spell I’ve finally resumed riding. I rode east to Pinzano, then north along Strada di Bottecchia to Avasinis.  From here to Cavazzo Carnico, along the beautiful lake to Somplago then through the tunnel to Interneppo.  Soon you reach Strada di Bottecchio again and retrace the route home.  Two weeks off the bike was too much- I was exhausted.

Lago di Cavazzo

Lovely golden reeds along the shoreline

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Zuccul Supigna MTB

Today I continued on MTB past  Osservatorio Astronomico di Montereale onto the gravel road toward Pala d’Altei.  I was able to pedal until the trail junction where the trail for Montelunga branches off.  Here I had to push the bike up the trail until the junction with the trail for Rifugio Rupiet.  This was my turn around point so I retraced my steps.  Soon I reached the trail descending toward Zuccul Supigna, a distinctive round knob visible for miles.  Shortly I rejoined the gravel road
to osservatorio and home.  Good cross training.

The gravel road heading up to Pala d'Altei 

Trail junction for Rifugio Rupeit

Zuccul Supigna from above

Rejoin gravel road here at
Cuol di Solaris 

Friday, March 29, 2019

Passo di Monte Rest

Beautiful sunny morning for a ride up through Meduno, Lago Tramonti, Tramonti di Sotto e Sopra, the glorious stacks of switchbacks chiseled into the cliffs of Monte Rest, to the pass at 925 meters  They are thinning out the trees which made this ride cool and shady in summer, but the new views revealed compensate for extra sweat.  Today I turned around at the pass but next time I’ll descend to the north and choose one of the many return routes.  Cycling heaven.

The upper stack of switchbacks

Bear cave at Passo Monte Rest,
with motion detecting camera

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Venezia delle Nevi MTB

In December I found this renovated trail above Dardago but couldn’t ride to the snowy finish on roadbike.  Today I returned on MTB to see it all.  I was amazed at all the work they’ve done this Spring.  The upper kilometers are being graded and hardpacked almost as if they intend to pave it.  Very smooth.  The construction crew was working today and when I pushed the bike alongside the road to avoid interfering they laughed.  One guy shouted “Vai electrica!” and another motioned me to get back on and pedal, shouting  “E’ facile!”  I was relieved they didn’t mind me riding through their work area.

At the junction with the Panaramica Cansiglio-Piancavallo road I put on my jacket and unlocked the fork.  Cold but so beautiful seeing Crode di San Tomasso from above.  This road is destined to become a frequent companion.

Crode di San Tomasso

Wider view

Details of climb

Monday, March 25, 2019

Pala Barzana via Val di Frina

Pala Barzana is a favorite local climb from Poffabro to Andreis.  It’s a moderate grade but if you want to test your legs you can take the deviation through Val di Frina, which gets over 10-12%.  Once you rejoin the main road it dips down a bit then starts climbing steadily.  All immersed in forest and shade, so it’s good climbing even in summer.  At the pass don your jacket and enjoy thr serpentine descent to Bosplan and Andreis.  Continue to the interchange, through the 4km tunnel, over Lago di Ravedis to Montereale.  Great workout.

Monte Raut from Valdifrina

Passo Pala Barzana

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Marano Lagunare

l’ve been dreaming of riding to Marano Lagunare for several years.  At first I was worried about the long busy Tagliamento bridge at Ponte della Delizia, and explored the alternative bridge at Madrizio.  Not bad but a bit out of the way.  Then I decided to check out Ponte Delizia in person.  In fact it wasn’t bad at all, with a meter wide lane for pedestrians/bikes.  So today I started early and with only a couple of deviations reached the little fishing village.  Lots of old stone houses, flowers, bright color.  When I left I unwittingly took the wrong road, noticed it but continued anyway.  Bad habit that.  I crossed the new autostrada overpass and knew I was in trouble when I saw signs for Palmanova and Gonars, way east of where I wanted to be.  Retraced my steps and found SS14 and got  back on track.  Long ride home, very tired.  Will try this again.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Rugolo bridge

A few years ago heavy rains washed out the bridge connecting Castello di Cordingnano with Rugolo and Sarmede.  It took several years but now it’s done.  I rode up through Villa di Villa, past the castle and through a series of sali scendi until I reached the bridge.  Looks very strong.  From here a long standing climb up to the highpoint, then descent to Rugolo and Sarmede.   Nice ride.

Washed out bridge from a few years ago
New steel bridge
Steep climb from bridge to Rugolo

Climb from Villa di Villa to Rugolo

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Castello di Maniago + Osservatorio Astronomico di Montereale

These are two short climbs quite close to home.  The first starts at Piazza Roma in Maniago on Via Castello di Maniago and after a short flat tilts steeply upward.  It tops out at the intersection with the gravel road that climbs Monte Jouf. Then it twists around down to Maniagolibero and the road to Montereale.

At Grizzo turn right past Paradise and ascend steeply.  Wonderful long steady gradient great for training.  Later it gets steeper, with pavement ending at the observatory.  What fun!

Via Castello di Maniago

Climb to Montereale Oservatorio

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Tesis loop

Nice flat training loop.  Had a bit of sporadic very light rain but wasn't a problem.  

Friday, March 15, 2019

Ciser - Sonego

Right in the middle of the city of Vittorio Veneto an inconspicuous street called Via Borghel turns to the right.  There are houses and gardens like any other street.  The street begins rising, then the houses turn to vineyards, and the gradient goes nuts.  I stood and tried to push the pedals down by pulling up on the bars alternately, whooshing in as much air as my lungs could hold.  There’s no relief in sight, only more steepness to grapple up, until in the distance a slight lessening appears.  After a few breaths it slants upward again.

This pattern recurs again and again until the highpoint at 533 meters.  Finally the descent curves down through the forest to Ciser and Sonego.    Now I climbed up to the turnoff for   Mantaner.  This is a beautiful cliffside road finally plummeting to Sarmede and on to Villa di Villa.

After Fiaschetta I took the backroad toward Polcenigo and was happy to see it had been paved.  Nice Finally made it home and ate and napped.  Legs very sore.

Ciser Chiesetta

The hellish climb

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Monte Valinis

I intended to ride to Meduno and back to test my new stem.  It was such fun I thought I should climb up to the pass.  Then I wanted to continue so I rode on up to the parapendio launch area on Monte Valinis.  The stem makes climbing much easier: instead of being streched out too far I cans sit up straight.

Got a bit too frozen on the descent and reverted to instinct rather than thinking, kind of pleasant really.  Fun ride.

Morainic hills of Sequals above Fiume Meduna
Tagliamento in the background

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Strada del Patriarca

Strada del Patriarca is one of my favorite climbs.  It starts at Villa di Villa and begins climbing steeply up through prosecco vineyards past Castello di Cordignano.  Next it climbs along the edge of a large quarry.  There is no let up with bend after bend revealing a never ending series of ramps up the mountain side.  After the Col Alt memorial the forest changes to large beech trees and the pavement is shady.  Eventually it joins the wider road coming up from Sarone and soon arrives at La  Crossetta.  I donned my jacket again, descended briefly, and turned steeply upward toward Monte Pizzoc.  But the snowy patches became more frequent, and at Cadolten I stopped dead in my tracks.

I descended on the wider road to Sarone.  They’ve repaved the lower part of this road down to Palu, very smooth.  Wonderful ride.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Monte Prat

Beautiful warm March day for a favorite local climb- Forgaria to Monte Prat.  Lots of cyclists out, including two large teams.    The ride home was suprisingly fatigue free.  Hope this continues.

Not too steep but steep enough