Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Today I rode Maxima down to Costa, up past Madonna del Monte to Bornass and continued to Castaldia, up the back road to Collalto and down the main road to Pedemonte.  Beautiful weather and zero traffic.  Wonderful climb.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Val Zimor

Longish rolling ride to Artegna near Gemona.  From there the steep road up the lower slopes of Monte Chiampon through Mantaners.  When I rode this 5 years ago I descended via Stella to Tarcento, but today I took a gorgeous little lane down Val Zimor.  A magical ride I’d like to try to ascend next time.  On the ride home I was pretty devistated but didn’t go into  brain freeze like some previous rides.  After a bath and nap I was much better.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Pala d'Altei MTB/Hike

Gorgeous day for a MTB ride and hike.  I rode to Grizzo then up the paved road to the telescope.  Here a good gravel road snakes up the hillside to Palais.  I parked the bike and headed up the shady trail toward Pala d’Altei and Montelonga.  I had hiked this years ago with our terrier Rocky.  It has some steep bits where you climb with both hands and feet.  I remember reaching down repeatedly to pick Rocky up and placing him on the next rockshelf.  Very tough little dog.

Today after reaching the panoramic lookout at 1250 meters I began following the trail blazes gradually downslope  until reaching a hollow still covered in snow.  I decided to turn back.  When Rocky was with me we lost sight of the blazes so we headed straight upslope.  It worked and we reached the ridgeline but were below the highest point.  I remember it was foggy so we followed the ridge down the other side until we reached trailblazes again.

Today I returned on the same path I’d climbed up, found my bike and coasted all the home.

Monte Fara

Monte Raut

Monte Resettum

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Passo Rest (almost)

A favorite local climb.  Oddly, I took a wrong turn at Tramonti di Sotto and did the steep climb through Tramonti di Mezzo for no reason.  No problem, I continued on to Tramonti di Sopra and the climb toward Passo Rest.  Around 680 meters I reached a road works crew that said “Chiusa” so I turned around.  Maybe try again a Maggio.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


The climb from Farra d’Alpago through Valdonegher to Tambre and Spert is a killer.  The fantastic views keep your mind off of the pain, but still you must suffer.  I’m not in form yet this year and I paid the price: even after resting on the long descent from Il Cansiglio I still had  no energy in the tank.  Despite guzzling another bottle of Gatorade I remained in limp home mode all the way back to Giais.  Must try again next year.

Lago di Santa Croce

Panned to left

Alpago conch valley and surrounding peaks
from Valdonegher

Crossing Piancansiglio, view to the north

Climb from Farra d'Alpago
to Valdonegher

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Ponte Madrisio

Beautiful Spring day, feels like May.  I tried this ride last year and got lost too many times to finish.  Today was much better.  The reason I want to use this route is to avoid the very busy bridge at Codroipo.  Madrisio was much less crowded.  Next I can try to extend the ride to Marano Lagunare.  Maybe this summer.

Oh, I had the tailwind on the ride home again, this time from the east.  I'm getting spoiled. 

Fiume Tagliamento flowing to the sea

A large upstream of the bridge

Friday, April 6, 2018

Mont di Vit Bike/hike

I warmed up through Maniago, Lestans and Pinzano, then headed up the switchbacks to Anduins.  Normally I skip the town and continue up Val d’Arzino, but today I climbed as high as I could in Anduins.  After the parish church I saw a stone-paved hiking path leading toward Madonna della Neve.  I’ve MTBed up there from Vito d’Asio before but this route was new to me.  I pushed Fedaia steeply upward for 2km and reached the paved road I’d MTBed on before.  I rode down through upper Vito d’Asio, then Clauzetto, Sequals and home.  Very tired.

Campanile Anduins

Parish church Anduins

Back on the road after 2km of
steep bike pushing

Anduins wih Colle San Martino
in background

Tagliamento River with Monte Ragogna

Tagliamento flowing to the sea

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ca' Poggio

 I started out today following the most direct, flattest route to Conegliano- SS 13.  Normally I avoid  this road like the plague but on Sunday there are no trucks and fewer cars so it’s not bad at all.
l followed my cue sheet navigating through Conegliano and soon was cruising on SP 635 below the prosecco hills.  I turned upward on Ca’ Poggio, a short steep ramp up to the crest.  From there through San Pietro del Filetto and down the gorgeous vine-covered switchbacks to 635 again.  I did try a shortcut, which miraculously did not get me lost.  The ride home also was blessed with some Pasqua divine intervention- a tailwind that kept me in the 28 to 30 kph speed range most of the way.  A perfect Easter ride.

Giro d'Italia U23 will include Ca' Poggio
this year

Prosecco hills panorama from San Pietro del Filetto

Same view panned to the right

Col Visentin from switchbacks below San Pietro

Monte Pizzoc from SP 635

Ca' Poggio climb

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Fiume Veneto

Excellent flat ride into the unexplored southeast quadrant.  A useful route bypassing the Meduna bridge obstacle.  I’ll try to build on this to reach Marano Lagunare eventually.

Weeping willow-draped river bank
Fiume Veneto

Monday, March 26, 2018

Dardago climb

One of the best little climbs around.  It's a great short workout early in the season or all season long when coupled with Mezzomonte or Costa-Rifugio Bornass.   Today I tried to push myself a bit because I'm behind in my training but it never was too much to bear.  It's like an old friend.

Steep climb up to horseshoe bend

Good workout

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ponte della Muda

Another mostly flat route: Canova,  Cordignano, Colle Umberto, Ponte della Muda, Fiaschetta, Budoia, Castello di Aviano , Marsure and home.  Tired!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Sequals, Travesio, Meduno loop

Beautiful clear and frigid day.  Rode to Sequals, Travesio, Meduno, Fanna and home.  Great workout, I needed it bad!

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Magredi' loop

After more bad weather and misfortune finally a chance to ride.  Rode the flat loop from Malnisio, San Leonardo, San Foca, Magredi’, Vivaro, Dandolo, Vajont, Montereale Valcellina and home. Cold for mid-March but clear.  Good workout.

Snowfields of Monte Cavallo

Vineyards of il Magredi' 

Saturday, February 24, 2018

San Foca Loop

Been almost 2 weeks without a ride, due to bad weather, sick dog, etc.  Tomorrow the Siberian Front is coming in so I grabbed this last chance.  Quick loop on familiar but long neglected roads: San Leonardo, San Foca, San Quirino, Sedrano, San Martino.  Fun!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


A favorite long ride, from Giais through Pordenone and Portoguaro to Brussa, on the Adriatic coast near Caorle.  The Bora wind was blowing somewhat but not too bad.  The good news: they’ve paved the road all the way to the park entrance. Previously there were a couple of miles of white gravel dust which made your bike, your car, and your body look ghostly.   The beach is stll gorgeous and natural. Long ride home but I paced myself pretty well and didn’t bonk.  Nice ride.

Beautiful Brussa strand
Brussa Laguna

Laguna looking west

Costal plain toward northwest 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Clauzetto - Campone Loop

This is a favorite climb in either direction.  Today I rode it from Meduno to Travesio, Clauzetto, Pradis di Sopra, Campone, Lago Tramontina and again Meduno.   Good climbing practice in lovely surroundings.

Monte Rossa from Pradis

Monte Ciaurelac



Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Casera Valfredda Snowshoe

I heard there was some fresh snow but this was beyond expectations: two or three feet of fluffy virgin snow everwhere.  Every bough and tree limb bending  almost to the ground with the weight.  What joy to hike through this spectacle.  Starting from Ronciade through Casera Caseratte, Valfredda and up to the pass with the three repeater towers, it was all perfect.  I followed the same  route back to the start, then drove back down the mountain, tired and happy.

Mare Adriatico from Col Alto

Casera Valfreddo

Over the pass toward Monte Ciastelat

Snow-burdoned tree limbs 

Upper-right is microwave reflector atop Pala Fontana 

Walking through this grove of ice trees
seems like you're trapped in a chandelier

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Livenza - Meduna Confluence

I tried this ride a couple of weeks ago but missed a turn and ended up in Azzano Decimo.
Today I was more careful and made it to the bridges south of Prata.  These rivers are both unusual:  the Meduna flows through the mountains west of Tramonti di Sopra, then south until it disappears into the Magredis  gravel beds.   After a few miles it re-emerges from springs near Cordenons.  It then meanders southwestward to the confluence with Fiume Livenza.

The Livenza starts along the pedemontane below Il Cansiglio altopiano.  The water emerges from a big spring at La Serenissima and Gorgazo cave near Polcenigo.  The water is very clear and fast moving.  It heads south through Sacile and Brugnera before joining the Meduna.  From here the Livenza meanders south to Caorle on the Adriatico.

On the ride home a storm blew through but I didn’t get too wet, just a bagnato gratis.  Fun!

Meduna River bridge

Meduna River bend

Livenza River bridge

Livenza view north toward its origin

Livenza flowing toward the sea