Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Lovely morning to take Maxima for a spin on the backroad to Piancavallo.  Deserted, quiet,  cool and green.  So nice I had to take the little detour to Collalto.  More heaven.

Monte Cavallo 


Sentiero degli Malghe

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Col Visentin MTB

Haven’t ridden this loop since 2015, a shame to wait so long.  It begins at Longhere outside Vittorio Veneto, and quickly gets very steep.  It hardly ever lets up, finally ending at Pian dei Grassi .  I didn’t bother stopping though: there are 600 more meters to climb.  Finally at 1700 meters you reach the top.

Now the fun begins, descending on gravel, concrete, paving stones, mixed with a crowd of weekend excursionists.  Exhilerating.  At Monte Faverghere you return  to asphalt and zoom down through Nevegal to Cunan, turn at the cemetery and descend through Roncan to Cornelade.  Ride along the lake then descend to Vittorio Veneto.  Fun workout in perfect weather, gorgeous Dolomiti peaks, heaven.

Looking back at the climb from Col Visentin

Dolomiti Bellunese

Wild rhododendron

Belluno and surrounding Dolomiti 
From the ridge Lago Santa Croce, Mezzomiglio altopiano

The climb

Friday, June 15, 2018

Forcella di Crous MTB

I pass Ravedis dozens of times per year but somehow have never ridden the trail that starts there.  The trail is very good for hiking and would be fun to descend on MTB but it’s difficult to ride up.  So I pushed much of the way.  Things improved a bit after Chiesa di San Antonio as the trail widened through Val di San Antonio.  Forcella di Crous seemed familiar; I think Teddi, Honey and I passed through here on the hike from Pala Barzana to Monte Fara.

Now I began descending, soon steeply, to the paved road from Malga Fara, and then the road to Bosplan.  Shortly I found a concrete road descending to the left.  It was great fun, meandering through the forest, climbing and descending.  Eventually it joins the main road to Andreis, a sign designating it as Sacon trekking path.  From here through the long tunnel and home.

Trailhead at Ravedis

Monte Spia

Diga di Ravedis

Cliffs of Monte Fara

Chiesa di San Antonio

Forcella di Crous

Bosplans below Dolomiti

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Strada degli Alpini MTB

I rode up Valcellina to Claut then crossed the river at Matan.  Here starts the tough gravel climb to Casera Resettum at 1462 meters.  Descend briefly to the junction with the trail for Casera Colciavas and ride the rough road to 1513 meters.  Follow the sign toward  Forcella Clautana, down the swichbacks to 1432 meters.  Now descend on Strada degli Alpini, a beautiful military road from WW I.  There are a few washed out rocky sections and tree falls,  but even I was able to ride much of it downhill.  Eventually you reach the abandoned dwellings of Tranconere, cross Torrente Silisea, and ascend the gravel road to Panuch.  From there down to the dam Lago Ca’Selva, to Meduno and home.

I owe this ride to Erminio, a MTBer I met riding up Pala Barzana 6 or 7 years ago.  He recomended the climb to me and after 3 or 4 tentative attempts I finally made it.

Forcella Clautana marker

Northwest of forcella

The way down

Yellow cascading blossoms along the trail

Strada degli Alpini toward Lago Ca'Selva

Loose gravel most of the way

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sauc MTB

Above Dardago the paved road comes to an end and a gravel road continues the ascent.  This is Strada Venezia delle Neve, a 1960's ski resort developer's abandoned route to Piancavallo.  Today was the first time I've ridden it without long stretches pushing the bike.  There were a couple of rock piles I had to hop off for but otherwise I rode the whole thing.  The trail eventually ends up in a beautiful area of grassy pastures bounded by forest and rockfaces: Sauc.  I will try exploring from the top soon so I can concentrate on the surroundings rather than the climb.  Wonderful wilderness ride.

Croda di San Tome
Way harder on loose rock than the
numbers indicate.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Cadolten MTB

Cadolten is another of the long hard climbs from the pedemontana to the Cansiglio-Piancavallo mountain ridge.  It's best attempted on a MTB, though I managed it once on Legend Fedaia.  You warm up riding to Sarmede or Fregona, then head briefly up the main road toward La Crosetta.  Soon you turn off at Via Praviner, which quickly turns into vertical concrete.   This alternates with stretches of slightly less steep dirt/gravel.  You reach sun-exposed steep concrete up above 1000 meters, which was the hardest section for me.  Just in the nick of time the agony ends at the gravel road through Cadolten altopiano.  I was so exhausted here that I accidentally turned the wrong way up toward Monte Pizzoc.  Eventually I figured it out and turned around.

At La Crosetta I headed up the gorgeous gravel road to Candaglia. Good cool down after the climb.  Soon I reached the paved road to Piancavallo and pedaled to Sauc, where you reach the main road toward Aviano.  I instead turned off at Rifugio Bornass and took the road to Madonna delle Monte, then home.  Tired but happy.

Beautiful, cool Cadolten

Cadolten climb

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Bibione Falo'

Beautiful May day for a ride down to the Adriatico at Bibione.  I’d read that they’d built ferry landings at Bibione and Lignano for cyclists to cross the Tagliamento River.  When I reached it a good sized crowd was waiting for the next boat.  I continued on the hard-packed dirt road until 
I reached the light house. From there a pista ciclabile atop the levy through the marshy zone behind the beachfront.  Top notch!

The long ride home went well all until San Martino where I nearly bonked.  Luckily a few km later it passed and I made it home feeling tired but lucid.  Will try this to Lignano next time.

Bicycle ferry landing from Bibione
 to Lignano across the Tagliamento

Bibione light house

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Cima Valfredda MTB/Hike



Climb from Barcis to Montelonga

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Forcella di Giais MTB

I needed to test my MTB after some maintenance so I took a spin up past Madonna delle Monte to Bornass, Castaldia, Via delle Malghe to the turnoff for Forcella di Giais (did not ride over to edge).  From there on the Ronciade trail back to Collalto, which I snowshoed in January.  MTB function check passed with flying colors.

Looking down toward the altopiano from 1435 meters

Beginning descent down to Forcella di Giais

Long climb

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Andreis Chiesa San Daniele

I rode to Barcis and around the back of the lake when  an official told me the road to Piancavallo was closed for a rally car race.  So I rode up Valpentina to the road end then back down,
across the supension bridge and back to Andreis, where I intended to climb Pala Barzana.  Alas another official said it was closed for the rally too.  So I rode up to Chiesa San Daniele above Andreis, then down to the raptor rehabilitation center, up the crazy climb on Via Aquadotto, and back down to the long tunnel home.  Sunday morning fun.

Lake Barcis

View southeast

Valpentina falls

Chiesa San Daniele above Andreis 

Malga Fara above Bosplans

Monte Raut

Peak above Andreis


Very professional trail construction by Alpini vounteers

Approaching San Daniele 

View of Andreis and Val Cellina gorge

Raptor rehabilitation center