Sunday, November 29, 2015

Monte San Lorenzo

Another favorite training climb.  Like Val de Croda, Monte San Lorenzo is not too long and just steep enough to really make you work without injuring yourself.  To reach it go east past Maniago toward Fanna and turn left on Via Vals.  It's very wide smooth pavement for the huge rock haulers running between Cava San Lorenzo and the cement mill by Fanna.  On Sundays the road is deserted. 

At the crest 500 meters I stopped to take photos then descended north to Val Colvera.  A short ride from there to outskirts of Poffabro, where you take a right along Val Muie, a favorite road of mine: rolling hills, tumbling streams and beautiful wilderness scenery.  At Navarrons descend to Torrente Meduna then up to Meduno.  From there back across the Meduna, through Cavasso Nuovo, Maniago and home.  Great cold, clear weather ride.  

East toward Colline di Sequals

The pretty woods you climb through to Monte San Lorenzo

Monte Raut to the north

Friday, November 27, 2015

Giro del Dentista

Rode down to Marsure to see the dentist.   On the way home I rode up through Budoia to Via Pedemontana and home.  All big ring seems to be helping.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

First Commute of the Last School Year

Picked a good day for the first commute of the year: sub-zero℃ temps with crystal clear skies.  I bundled up and was warm.  Luckily the forecast 18 kph winds didn't materialize.  That would have been tough on the way home.  Note: tried my Castelli Estremo gloves in sub-zero weather for the first time: they're toasty without liners.

After school I biked over to Policlinico San Giorgio to see my friends' newborn baby.  Beautiful tiny girl.

Again used big ring the whole time.  Hoping this will help regain my strength by Spring.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Via Pedemontana Occidentale

The overcast has lifted and now we can see a dusting of snow on the mountains.  I cruised down the foothills road to Caneva and then onto the plains.  At Budoia the climb begins, through Castello d'Aviano  and Marsure to home.  Another good big ring ride. 

Fiume Livenza looking north

Livenza flowing south to the sea

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Colline di Sequals

November weather has finally arrived: overcast and cold.  No problem though, just bundle up and go.  I rode almost to Meduno again, but headed further east to Toppo and almost Travesio.  Then to Usago and the road to Sequals.  Saw quite a few groups of riders which is always heartening.  Good big ring workout.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Val de Croda

The climb from Dardago up through Val de Croda to end of pavement is one of the best local training climbs.  An easily accessible, wide, well-paved road, little traffic, 5 km averaging 7.5% and beautiful rugged scenery make it hard to beat.  At end of pavement (445 meters) a gravel road/trail (Venezia delle Neve) continues to Piancavallo for MTBers / hikers.

Val Grande with trail to Valle Friz

The Croda (cliffs) above San Tome church and Torrente Artugna

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Budoia furnace

Another short loop, this time down Via Pedemontane.  I stayed on the big ring the whole time and stood in the pedals on hills.  Brief but hard workout.

Disuesd furnace at Budoia

Monday, November 9, 2015

Solimbergo Hill

Another flattish loop workout.  This one has a bump in the middle, Colline di Sequals.  Above Solimbergo they've built a short tunnel to make it easier.  The old road over the top still exists though. I need to try it.  Again my shoulder feels good as new.  I tried standing in the big ring for all the rises and felt no pain in collarbone.  Weather again was splendid.

Wheat field, with mountains to the north

Mountains to northeast
Sequals campanile

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Collarbone Ops Check

I fell and broke my collarbone 7 weeks ago* and today decided it was time to give it a try.  Rode the flattish circuit to Montereale, San Foca, San Leonardo and home.  Collarbone felt fine and even withstood pulling up on the bars when climbing out of the saddle.  The weather is stupendous this week: temps in the low 20℃ range, dead calm, and clear.  Feels like September.

*Very strange accident on a road I've ridden thousands of times through Marsure, after the strettoia at intersection with Via Wassermann, where the road surface changes to pavé and some decorative squares of round cobbles for a few meters.  Don't remember what happened: I came to on my left side, still clipped in the pedals.  I staggered to my feet, put my chain back on the ring and rode away.  No road rash, just a scraped elbow and knee.  I continued on with my errands but noticed my left arm hurt when I raised it so I stopped by the base clinic. They X-rayed me, put my left arm in a sling and I called my wife for a ride home.  7 weeks later it's good as new except for a weird bump sticking out of my upper left chest.  Doc said the bone shifted (doing too many heavy chores when I should have been resting).   Anyway, thanks to the nice folks at the clinic, my friend Zoran and Dino who carried a dryer upstairs to help me, and my friend Larissa's mamma who made me some magical herbal salve in the mountains of Montenegro.

The aquedotto from Lake Barcis empties
into the irrigation canal network here  

View northeast toward Monte Raut