Saturday, August 20, 2016

Monte Crostis

It's been a couple of years since I last visited Monte Crostis, Panaramica delle Vette, and the descent to Ravascletto,  one of the most beautiful areas in Friuli IMO.  The climb is hard but the huge fir trees and scenic views of valleys and surrounding mountains keep you motivated.  At the top you descend a bit then join the panaramica, with miles of packed red gravel traversing steep grassy slopes, shrieking marmots, waterfalls and wildflowers.  Eventually you reach the paved descent to Ravascletto, yet more spectacular scenery.  This descent was a good check ride for retorque of the Fedaia's front brake rotor center lock ring.  It was clunking under hard braking, presumable snugged down with a gear cluster tool but never torqued.  Now it's rock solid.   

If you're in the area check Crostis out.  Really an outstanding ride. 

Looking back toward Comeglians and Valdegana

View back toward the top of the climb

Gorgeous grassy slopes surrounding an old casera

Marmots loudly spreading news of danger

The ridge coming up from Val delle  Streghe; last year
I tried to MTB from  Paluzza to the panaramica.  Must try again.  

I'm guessing WW I tunnel entrance
near start of descent to Ravascletto 

Max grade is wrong; should read 18%

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