Friday, August 26, 2016

Strada del Patriarca

I intended to ride up the killer climb from Rugolo to Col Alt  but the road to Rugolo was impassable so I reversed my tracks.  I explored a short road to Meridiana di Casa Bianca, with some 20% gradient.  The Potenza 11-32 worked like a champ.  Also used it briefly on a little side road called Val Bona above Castello di Cordignano.  I headed up Strada del Patriarca and turned off at Pian di Salere.  Pretty area but I barely saw a fraction of it.  Now I got down to business and rode up Strada del Patriarca to the junction with Cansiglio/Sarone road at 900 meters.  Rode down fast and then home.  

Landslide on road to Rugolo

Olive grove and prosecco vineyard at Meridiana di Casa Bianca

Strada del Patriarca

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