Thursday, September 1, 2016


I descended from Premedja last year after climbing from Kromberk to Lokve and Mala Lanza.   It stuck in my mind because of the twisty road and good pavement.  So today I tried climbing it from Lokavec instead.  Very wild feeling to it, deserted and not built-up.  At the top I changed the route, descending to Col and then Ajdovscina.  The ridge top ride has lots of saliscendi to workout on.  Then a fun, long and steep descent with good pavement and switchbacks.  Had a nice tailwind on the way back to Gorizia (which had been in my face going the other way).  Love riding in Slovenia, has a different feel to it.  

Ajdovscina from 900 meters

The road ascending from Lokavec  (the cliffs have short tunnels
blasted through them) 

The climb

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