Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Monte San Simeone

I skipped this favorite climb last year so I could MTB nearby Monte Festa instead.   Today I returned via Strada del Bottecchia to Lago Cavazzo and started climbing.  The Legend Fedaia is a natural climber, it feels eager to ascend.  At 1200 meters I reached the top of the climb (you can continue on foot up to 1450 meters).  It's quiet (except for birds), peaceful and beautiful here.

Descent was fun.  Great ride.

A couple of notes: the disc brakes are good but you don't need them if you rarely ride where you'll get your rims wet or dusty or sandy.  In dry, clean conditions they're no better than good rim brakes.

Di2 is fantastic.  I'm addicted.  If you remember the days of reaching down to your down tube to push your friction shifter levers, then you'll recall how awesome it was to do it all right from the ergopower hoods.  Di2 is the same sort of quantum leap.  

This is the top of Monte San Simeone 1450 metres

Chiesa di San Simeone

Consecrated in the 1350's

The round end where altar is located

Monte Palantarins MTB ride

Mountains near Tolmezzo

Mountains above Venzone

Walled medieval town of Venzone

Gemona on the Tagliamento

12 km of 8.3%.  Good workout

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