2007-2008 rides

16 Dec 2007  
I’m starting this a few weeks late- I bought my Merckx Bound on 16 Nov 07 from a fellow in Le Marche.  The next day I installed my old Chorus Pro-Fits, took it for a spin and did some adjustments.   Since then I’ve ridden 2-3 times per week, ranging from very short 10km up to short 44 km rides.  Most have been flatish, with long easy upgrades at worst.  A couple have included some short steeper climbs, such as the ride to Caneva and Meduno.  They’ve been pretty uneventful, though I’ve enjoyed the views of the encircling mountains, from gli Alpi Giuliani to il Consiglio, sometimes blanketed in fresh snow.  I’ve also enjoyed the company of an eagle who flies parallel to me and about my speed from Malnisio to Giais.  Very beefy looking body on that eagle.  Also enjoyed watching a flock of sheep cross the road between San Leonardo and Malnisio, escorted by dogs with beautiful thick black hair.

I’ve also done some work on the bike.  Tried flipping the 130mm stem and putting the spacers under the stem rather than on top, but still too long, so put on a Thomson X2 stem, 70mm long and flipped up.  So far it feels better- less back pain.  Also changed the derailleur pulleys, which were torn up.

17 Dec 2007
Felt tired all morning despite sleeping 8 hours.  Maybe it was the cabergoline, which I took last night without skipping a day.  I’m now on 4 pills per week, so can’t skip every other day like before.

Today I rode to Montereale, San Leonardo, Malnisio and home (22.2km).  Once I got going I felt pretty strong.  It’s flat at the start, a quick dip then a long easy upgrade.  Then it’s slightly downhill to SS251.  From there it’s slightly downhill to San Leonardo, then slightly uphill to Malnisio, a short easy climb and then flat and downhill to Giais.  I’ll log the mileage into the spreadsheet for the first time today. 

19 Dec 2007
Had a letter to mail so good excuse to ride to the base.  Rode pretty easy down through Marsure, Aviano to the base.  Rode back pretty easy too (25.2km).  The hill by the Royal wasn’t bad.  I was surprised when I got home- averaged 25 kph.  I figured it’d be a lot slower going uphill.    

20 Dec 2007
This was an unexpected ride today. I went to the doctor this morning and got my medicine refilled.  Then I went and dried my bike clothes at the laundry and went to the gym.  When I got home Marilyn was angry because my cell battery had died and she was trying to call me to have me pick up her medicine.  While I waited for her to cool off I stacked some wood at Giorgio’s.  Finally Marilyn called the pharmacy about the prescription.  I rode my bike down nice and easy, waited for 40 minutes at the pharmacy, then rode home (16.6km).  I rode very slowly uphill as my legs were tired.  But it was a beautiful day and I’m glad I got some miles in. 

22 Dec 2007
Beautiful cold clear day.  I lubed the chain right before I left- seemed very smooth.  Rode nice and easy to Maniago, Cavasso Nuovo, Colle, Arba, Campania, Maniago and home (44km).  I felt surprisingly strong on the second half of the ride- didn’t feel tired at all.  I’ll say it’s because I’m getting in form (though I don’t think I’ve been riding enough to make a difference yet).  Averaged slightly higher speed than on the shorter rides earlier this week.

24 Dec 2007
Put my new Chorus compact crank on this weekend so thought I’d take her for a spin.  Rode down to Caneva (just the edge of the comune, not the town) and then turned back toward Polcenigo, Santa Lucia, Budoia, Aviano, Marsure and home (40.3km).  Good ride though it was overcast and had some light sprinkles.  The new crank is great- I never spun out the 13-50 even on the steepest hills, so that won’t be a problem.  On the hills the 34 tooth inner ring is awesome. Only used the 34-25 once- on the big hill by the Royal Hotel.  My back felt very stiff so I need to start doing stretches every day.   Oh the Veloce standard front derailleur worked fine with the compact crank- I’ll see later if I need to switch to a compact derailleur.           

25 Dec 2007
Did the Montereale, San Leonardo, Malnisio ride again (22.2km).  Felt pretty good, especially on the slight uphill grade from San Leonardo to Malnisio.  Beautiful snowy white mountains in the distance on the border of Slovenia.

28 Dec 2007
Rode to Maniago, Frisanco, Navarons, Meduna, Cavasso Nuovo, Fanna, and return via Maniago (49.3km).  Beautiful cold day.  I was struggling on the steep hill up to the tunnel, then rode the old road through the gorge to avoid the tunnel.  At the end of the old road I got into the second half of the tunnel (big patches of ice!) and struggled to the exit.  After that things got better.  Turned after Frisanco toward Navarons, lots of downhill with switchbacks but I went very slow to avoid falling on the icy bits.  Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, Frisanco, meadows (see pics).  Then very steep down into Navarons.  After Navarons then the road turned steep upwards toward Meduno.  I made it- very glad I had the 34-25.  After the dip to Fiume Meduna I rode pretty hard all the way home.  Felt great!

 29 Dec 2007
Today rode to Maniago, Dandolo, San Foca, San Leonardo, Malnisio and home (41.4km).  I rode slow to Maniago, then I got on the long straight slight down grade to Dandolo I got on the big ring and felt great.  Also from Dandolo to San Foca was nice.  They’ve built a bridge over the old guado we used to drive through (when it wasn’t flooded).  After San Foca I felt beat.  Kinda pedaled along wobbling until I reached San Leonardo and felt better again.  Rode decently the rest of the way home.  Anyway it was an excellent ride.  The new chain works great- I now have 2 more usable gears on the small ring, curing the missing gear I wanted to use on flats.  The new chain is also very smooth and quiet. 

30 Dec 2007
Rode to the gym on base, worked out and rode home (27.5km).  I had my backpack with my sneakers but I didn’t even notice it was there.  Coming home I was beat from the ride in and the workout at the gym, but made it up the hill with no problem.  As I crested the hill I noticed someone‘s shadow on my wheel.  Don’t know why but I rode hard all the way through town to the house.  Whoever it was must have turned off in Giais- otherwise they would have passed me. 

10 Jun 2008
Well I had computer troubles and cabergoline troubles and rode only sparsely for most of the first half of this year, so haven’t written for awhile.  In the last month or so I’ve been riding more- several rides to San Leonardo, San Foca, San Quirino, Cordenons.  I did the Dandolo- San Foca ride a couple of times, rides to the base, Frisanco-Meduno (50km round trip), etc.  Overall I’ve been feeling stronger lately.  Today I took my first big ride since 2001.  I rode to Meduno, Campone, Clauzetto, Meduno and home.  I felt strong till I got to Redona, where you turn of SP 252 onto the road to Campone.  The scenery was gorgeous- like the Smokies.  I bonked, stopped to rest, started again, stopped to rest longer and had a Powerbar, then went on.  After Campione I felt stronger.  I rode up the hill toward Pradis and a big eagle flew over my head about 20 feet up, in the same direction I was traveling, then veered into the forest.  I was inspired, and forged on.  But I couldn’t pedal to the top of the pass- had to walk the last couple of hundred meters.  I didn’t bonk though- was breathing hard and my legs just got tired.  I rode down the hill to Pradis, then turned upward toward Clauzetto.  Survived the climb, then did the tornanti down to Paludea.  I then rode to Meduno, Maniago, and home.  I was tired but not bonking.  I ate and took a bath and bonked hard.  Took a nap and then ate supper.
My speedometer is broke so here’s the distances:
Giais-Meduno 21km
Meduno-Clauzetto 21km
Clauzetto-Meduno 18 km 

12 Jun 2008
Rode to Malnisio, San Quirino, then the back road to Cordenons.  Last of jasmine in bloom along the route- che profumo!  I road back to San Quirino on the new road (more traffic than the other way).  Good long flat ride.

15 Jun 2008
Rode to Caneva (actually just past San Floriano in Polcenigo) then home.   Very nice ride.  Didn’t get too tired going up the hill home. 40km round trip

19 Jun 2008Rode Montreale, Ponte Giulia, San Leonardo, Malnisio, home (22.2km).  Rode hard most of the way, felt good.  Had to be careful with saddle position as it feels like a boil is trying to grow in the taint area.  Farmers were mowing hay- very sweet smelling.
21 Jun 2008Rode to Cavasso  Nuovo, Colle, Ognesse and home.   Very pretty day, a little warmer than it's been.  Felt strong the whole ride.
24 Jun 2008
Today rode to Maniago, Dandolo, San Foca, San Leonardo, Malnisio and home (41.4km).  Hot day, but not bad with the breeze from the motion of the bike.  Rode  hard the whole way- felt great.

25 Jun 2008
Rode to Maniago, Frisanco, Navarons, Meduna, Cavasso Nuovo, Fanna, and return via Maniago (49.3km).  Hot again but not unbearable on the bike.   Felt very sluggish at first- don’t know if I was tired from yesterday, or if I ate a salmon on bread too close to departing.  Also my left hamstring was sore from yesterday.  Riding up the Calvera from Maniago- lots of people trying to beat the heat in the water, including a topless young lady with thong bikini bottom.  Took the cut off round the long tunnel- surprisingly hot in the gorge.  Once in the upper tunnel it cooled off.  Out of the tunnel it was a bit more overcast/cooler.  Turned toward Navarrons- wonderful descent, very cooling.  After crossing the Meduno headed up, made it, stopped to rest at top.  Did the remaining climbs to Meduno, stopping on one “cima” for half a powerbar.  Recrossed the Meduno and climbed to Cavasso Nuovo.  Left hamstring felt fine and I wasn’t sluggish anymore.  Rode home hard the whole way.  Felt great.

27 Jun 2008
Rode the back way to Polcenigo (Castello Aviano, Budoia, Santa Lucia) and then to the edge of Caneva.  Then got on Via Pedemontana all the way home (40.3km).  Around Marsure it started raining pretty good, with the odd hailstone.  It was nice and cool and felt good after all the climbing.  I did okay on the climbs, didn’t bonk, and never felt on the verge of having to get off and walk.

28 Jun 2008
Today rode to Vajont, Dandolo, San Foca, San Leonardo, Malnisio and home (41.4km).  Rode at a good clip the whole way, felt good and strong.   

30 Jun 2008
Rode to Costa, Madonna della Monte, Bornass and home.   Surprised that I didn’t have to stop all the way past the church.  I did stop eventually for a break at a shady curve.  Rested at Bornass for awhile- lots of birds chirping in the abete.  Beautiful clear day- not too hot.  Downhill was fun- the aftermarket brake pad stopped squealing after a bit of roasting.

1 July 2008  
Rode to the base post office (via Costa and the tree-lined street) and mailed some letters, picked up others and carried them home in my jersey pocket.  A guy at the post office said nice bike, don’t see many Mercs over here.  Rode home via Castello d’Aviano.  Very nice ride.

2 July 2008
Went to Cavasso Nuovo, Arba, Maniago.  Caught up with a guy on a Moser near the railroad underpass.  Then coming out of Pratta a guy on a Colnago Master Light passed me and got on the other guys wheel.  They left me going up the hill to Fanna.  I chased them down on the long downgrade.  We went at a pretty good pace, then the Colnago guy passed the Moser and started going faster.  I kept up then he turned toward Colle.  I caught up and rode on his wheel to Colle, fast.  Then he was going to Arba too so I stayed on his wheel but he went slower.  He turned toward Vivaro and I headed for Campagna.  I was tired but I kept going at a decent rate and even made it up the hill after Malnisio in 2nd gear.  I took a nap and my legs were tired but worked in the yard for an hour or so.    

4 July 2008
Rode the back way to Polcenigo and then to Caneva.  Went up the step hill to the Castello.  Had to stop and take a break, eat, drink etc.  Then continued on the road to Sarone- nice downhill.  Rode home on the mountain highway.  Did good on the hills- all low gear after doing the hard climb to the castello.  About 55 km.  Silvano gave me a big chunk of ciambella cake.  Delicious!

5 July 2008
Did the Montereale, San Leonardo, Malnisio ride again (22.2km).  A guy flew by me but  I didn’t even try to chase.  I went up the hill by Malnisio in 3rd.  Felt strong but was very tired afterwords.  Put up a window shade and mowed the grass.  Silvano gave me a big plate of crostelli.  Yum!

6 July 2008
Rode to Maniago over new bridge and back over old bridge.  Rode pretty hard- felt good. 

7 July 2008
Rode to San Leonardo, took the road along the Cellina to San Foca (nice shade trees), then back to San Leonardo on the “main road”.  Very good ride- felt strong the whole way.

9 July 2008
Rode to Dardago, then up ValCroda, past Il Rifugio and Allo Chalet.  I stopped at the second curve past Il Rifugio and rested, ate.  Then rode up to the gate and turned around.  Felt okay climbing.  The downhill was fun- spun out top gear.  Rode home on mountain hiway.  Climbed pretty good all the way home.

10 July 2008
Rode to Vivaro and back (41km).  Felt strong  except for a stretch between San Foco and San Leonardo, where I ate while riding.  After that I felt better.  Went up the hill by Malnisio in 3rd gear.

11 July 2008
Rode to Maniago, Frisanco, Navarons, Meduna, Cavasso Nuovo, Fanna, and return via Maniago (49.3km).   I was going nice and easy, then a guy zoomed by at the top of the grade in Grizzo.  A while later on the way to the bridge, he and another guy rode by me and I got on the train.  They turned off at Maniago.  I felt good going up the grade to Poffabro.  Then the wonderful downhill to Navaron- that was fun.  Stopped and ate before descending to Navaron.  I went up the grade from the Meduna without too much difficulty.  I was going fast down a hill to save energy on the next grade, swept through the curve and got too close to the side of the bridge.  That was exciting.  After Meduno, I crossed the river again and climbed easily to Cavasso Nuovo.   I started cruising and was in Fanno right away, then reached Maniago.  There was big traffic jam because they were paving the road from the traffic circle to the train station.  I went around it but got asphalt on my tires- it felt like glue.  Rode the rest of the way home no problem.  Good ride.

12 July 2008
Maniago and back- new bridge out, old bridge back. Fun.

14 July 2008
Rode to Castello d’Aviano, Roveredo, San Quirino, San Foca, Malnisio.  I had a flat at Roveredo- I think the asphalt glue stuck something to the front tire that finally worked it’s way through the rubber.  At Malnisio started raining, got harder at the top of the hill (3rd gear) and hailed on me all the way home- some of the hail was the size of a big olive.  Nerina applauded when I rode in.  She thinks I’m crazy.

16 July 2008
Climbed to Osservatorio Astronomico di Montereale.  Had to stop 3 times to rest.  The first stop I drank a lot of Gatorade-  when I started back up the hill I threw up in my mouth a little.  Lesson learned- don’t eat cheese pie shortly before a hard climb.  It was very cool- even though sweating I felt cool when riding through the shady stretches.  Riding back down was quite chilly.  Good ride, but need a longer ride before hitting the hill- maybe Malniso to SS251, Montereale next time.

17 July 2008
Malnisio- San Foca on the main road and back on the old road.  This is better because the road is tree-lined so nice and cool when you’re going slowly up the grade.  Very nice ride.

18 July 2008
Marsure Via Wasserman to San Martino, then SS19 to the turnoff for Malnisio.  Legs tired  but glutes pulled me through.

19 July 2008
Rode to Polcenigo on the mountain highway, and back through Santa Lucia, Buddoia, Aviano, Marsure. Felt weak but made it home ok.  (40.3km)

21 July 2008
Rode to the base post office via Mtn Highway, and mailed some letters.  Took the old concrete tank road from the Gammon, past the bomb dump to San Foca roundabout on SS251.  Then rode San Foca, San Leonardo, Malnisio, home.   Good ride.

23 July 2008
Did the Vivaro- San Foca ride. 41km.  Took the back road from San Foca to San Leonardo- nice and shady.  Felt strong on the ride.

24 July 2008
Castello Aviano, Roveredo, tank road by Gamon to San Quirino, San Foca and home.  Nice ride.  

25 July 2008
Cavasso Nuovo, Colle, Arba, Campagna and home.  Very fun ride- felt strong.

28 July 2008
Vajont, Ponte Giulia, San Leonardo, then home.  Felt strong.

29 July 2008
Malnisio, San Martino, then Via Wasserman to Marsure, then home.  Felt strong.

30 July 2008
San Foca and and came back on the old road.  Shady in the afternoon too.  Felt strong.

4 Aug 2008
Poffabro, Pala Barzana, Bosplans, Andreis, Montereale.   Legs felt great up to Poffabro.  Decided to take a “shortcut” before Poffabro- via Valdifrina.  Very pretty tree lined road.   Then I hit the wall, made it up about 200-300 meters and got off to rest and ate a powerbar.  Walked the rest of the way (a few hundred meters).  Then it got nice and joined the main road.  Very beautiful country- fir trees and streams and big rock-faced mountains around me, cloaked in clouds.  Lots of tornanti.  I made it to the top (840m) without stopping to rest.   Took a break and ate another powerbar.  Drank a lot from the big  camelback- didn’t even finish it so the waterbottle was just ballast.  Rode down the steep hill with no problems- beautiful views.  At SS251 put on my reflective belt and stashed my shades and headed into the tunnel.  No problems in the tunnel- not sure why I was scared a few years ago riding through there.  After the tunnel the gorge now has a beautiful lake.  Don’t remember that from before.  After the 2nd tunnel rode home.  Riding too close to a slow car- I looked away, they hit their brakes, I hit my brakes and the back tire lifted and squirreled around.  That was exciting.  Didn’t bonk after I got home because of the powerbars and Gatorade- have to remember to keep drinking and scarfing them.

6 Aug 2008
Replaced derailleur with Chorus long cage.  Replaced cassette with 13-29.  Ops checked on ride to Malnisio, St Martino, Marsure and home.  Works great.

7 Aug 2008
Rode the back way to Polcenigo, then to Caneva, Villa a Villa, killer climb to Rogulo  (went the back way- very steep!), Montaner, Osigo, down to Sarmede and home. 80 km.
The new gears are great.  The view from the road between Rogulo and Osigo was gorgeous- lots of hill towns, tree lined, curvy, wonderful.  

9 Aug 2008
Vivaro and back using the river road from San Foca to San Leonardo.  The new cassette works great on the long downgrade to Vivaro- easier to stay in the big ring.  Legs were sore on the upgrade from San Foca. 

10 Aug 2008
Montereale, Ponte Giulia, San Martino, Via Wasserman, Marsure and home.

12 Aug 2008
Cavasso Nuovo, Colle, Arba.  Wonderful ride.

14 Aug 2008
Poffabro, Navarons, Meduno and home.  Beautiful weather nice and cool, the trees and rivers and mountains were gorgeous.  The new gears made this ride easy.  After crossing the Meduna I was cruising to Maniago.  I took the old bridge by Diga di Ravidis.  Excellent ride.

18 Aug 2008
Did the Meduno, Campone, Clauzetto, Meduno ride.  Beautiful cool weather.  Took it easy to Meduno.  The hills between Meduno and the turn off for Campone seemed much easier- I’ll chalk it up to the new gears.  Gorgeous scenery up to and past Campone.   Made it up the pass (670m) without stopping.  Nice descent to Pradis, climbed up to Clauzetto straining a bit.  The descent from Clauzetto was great, swooping through the tornanti.  Marilyn called while I was coasting and wanted to know how soon I would be home to let the dogs out.  While I was talking a guy in a Aqua e Sapone tiger stripes outfit zoomed by me.  Felt strong all the way home (okay, except for that dip before Meduno).  At home felt very tired all night.

21 Aug 2008
Rode past Polcenigo on Via Pedemontane, then back through Polcenigo, Santa Lucia, Buddoia, Aviano.  Seemed easy.

24 Aug 2008
Rode the back way to Polcenigo, then to Caneva, Villa a Villa, Sarmede. Tried the climb to Rogulo-  the km of 12% did me in- only made it about halfway.  Rested at the church, then continued to Montaner, Osigo, Fregona down to Capella Maggiore and home. 100 km.  Felt great the whole time, not too tired when I got home.  Need more strength for climbing.

26 Aug 2008
Rode on Via Pedemontane to the CRO, then cut across to the round church.  A guy passed me so I got on his wheel to Castello d’Aviano, down over the tracks, to the intersection with the Budoia-Roveredo road.  He went south, I went up toward Budoia.  Not bad in third gear.  Then turned right on Via Pedemontane.  Did all the hills in second gear because when I changed the bottom bracket yesterday I forgot to check the chain line, and first gear was rubbing the inboard side of the front derailleur.  Did the hill after the Royal in third.  It was a good workout for climbing- I’ll try to do them more often so I’ll be able to climb these big hills next year.

27 Aug 2008
Vivaro and back.  Felt strong, great ride.

29 Aug 2008
Up to Osservatorie Astronomiche- didn’t stop till the top of the first climb.  Rested, then went down the dip and up the next climb to the top (685m).  Hard but manageable . 

30 Aug 2008
Rode to Cavasso Nuovo, Colle, Arba and home.  Went hard the whole way, felt awesome.  Felt good back home, but very tired later that night.

31 Aug 2008
Rode via Marsure to Via Oberdan.  Then Sedrano, San Foca, San Leonardo, Malnisio, home.   Thighs felt tired and sore until Sedrano, then felt better.  Rode easier than yesterday. 

2 Sep 2008
Meduno, Reduna, Lago di Selva.  Beautiful ride around part of Lago Reduna, then up to a town with a church above it, and a bridge high above that.  Rode up the hill past the church and up and up, over the bridge and still climbing.   The lower parts had nice tornanti, them it turned steep- too steep for me.  Had to get off and walk a ways.  Beautiful views of the river in the gorge below, nice white water noise.  Got back on and rode, then when it turned steep again, had to walk some more.  Then did some ups and downs and arrived at the dam.  The lake was beautiful with reflections of the surrounding mountains.  Rondini were surfing on the air currents on the front of the dam.  Rode all the ups and downs going back without having to dismount.  Rode back to Meduno then went fast all the way home.  Felt great.

7 Sep 2008
Rode to Budoia on Mtn Hwy, down to Roveredo, over to Villa d’Arco, SanQuirino, San Leonardo and home 48.5 km.  Fast the whole way.

10 Sep 2008
Broke a rear non-drive side spoke on that last ride. I should have trued the wheel as soon as I saw it was slightly out.  So ordered a new spoke.  Riding the old Trek in the meantime.  Went on the bike path from Marsure to Montereale yesterday and today.  The 53-39 with 26 in back is much harder to turn.  Saddle and brake hoods feel good but the bike feels kind of dead, inert.  

17 Sep 2008
Installed the new spoke- I had trouble getting a radial bump out of the rim so I loosened all the spokes- still had a bump in the rim.   So next spoke that breaks, I’ll think I’ll order all new spokes and use the Mavic rim in the mansarda to rebuild the wheel.  Also changed out the squeaky aftermarket brake pad and re-centered rear brake.  Rode to Montereale and back- wheel pinged a few times as the spoke tension loosened up but stayed true and rode great.

5 Oct 2008
This was only my second ride in over 2 weeks.  I had a cold with fever and also was being a couch potato.  The first ride last week was to Montereale, then the old road to Maniago Libero, then across the new bridge home.  Today I rode to San Leonardo and back.  I wasn’t a total couch potato- took the girls on several good hikes in the foothills above the house.  It was fun.  

13 Oct 2008
Took 3 rides this week.  First rode San Foca and back.  On the old road from San Foca to San Leonardo, an old man up rode behind me.  Don’t know why but I pulled over and slowed down, then after he passed I got on his wheel.  He gradually increased speed until I could barely keep up.  Then at the 90 degree left curve I went in front and he got on my wheel.  It was flat so I got on the big ring.  He kept up no problem and then pulled alongside, asked where I was going (I said stanco?)  Then he pulled off at one of the nice houses along the road and I continued home.   

Then another day I rode to Vivaro, San Foca and home.  Between Giais and Montereale a guy on a mountain bike zoomed by me- I couldn’t catch up.  Nice ride.   Caught up with 2 guys just before Vivaro.  They were riding very slow so I stayed behind, rested, ate.  Turned off at San Foca and rode good all the way home.

Another day went to San Foca again.  Felt great!

18 Oct 2008
Rode to Cavasso Nuovo, Colle, Arba and home.  Felt great the whole way.  When I got home I took the girls on a walk to Glera, up the hill and almost made it to the switchbacks on the gravel slope.  A little boy on an ATV came by and said there were cani ahead, so we turned around.  Very nice walk

20 Oct 08
Did the Trota Blu / Polcenigo – Santa Lucia ride.  Felt great the whole way.  Went up the hill from Marsure to Giais in 2nd gear.

29 Oct 08
Rode to Poffabro Navarons, Meduno and home last week.  Beautiful ride.  Felt great  
Did a couple of rides to San Foca and back last week.  Legs tired (I think the puppies wore me out making me walk them on the bike trail to Marsure and home the day before). 

16 Nov 08
Two weeks of rain, Marilyn’s back.  Took the girls on a long walk up the gravel to the end of the strada bianca.  Above us was a grove of alberi faggio.  Very pretty with white bark and golden leaves.  Today was sunny and not cold.  I finally got on the bike- rode to San Leonardo and back.  Easy but I’m rusty from so many days off.

17 Nov 08
Rode to Montereale, down into the canyon, over the bridge and up the other side.  Rode home via the new bridge.  Nice ride.  Sunny not too cool. Perfect weather.

19 Nov 08
Did the San Foca ride, with the river road back to San Leonardo.  Nice ride.  In the afternoon went to the CRO for my annual MRI.

12 Dec 08
Rode a few times to Montereale, bike trail back to Malniso, or down to Ponte Giulia, San Leonardo and home.  Also to the post office, bank and home.  Rainy month not many rides.  I’m a wuss.  

21 Dec 08
In the morning trimmed cherry tree, then stacked some wood at Giorgio’s.  Rode Maniago, Cavasso Nuovo, Colle, Arba, Campania, Maniago.  Felt good the whole time.  Clear and cold, and the snowy mountains were beautiful in the afternoon golden sunlight.  Took the puppies for a walk.

22 Dec 08
Took Giorgio to the new Lidl in Maniago in the the AM.  Then stacked wood at Giorgio’s.  We had café at Nerina’s and she gave Marilyn a panettone.  Rode to Dandolo, San Foca and home.  Rode hard as I could.  Legs were tired when I got home, but took the pups on a walk.

25 Dec 08
Rode to the intersection of Via Pedemontana and the Polcinego-Sarone road.  Sunny and not cold, but a big storm was looming on the mountaintops.  The roads were nice and uncrowded because of Christmas.  After turning toward Polcenigo had some Gatorade and a roasted nut powerbar- tasted like a Bit-O-Honey.  Stopped and took off arm warmers and baklava. Nice climb all the way home.  Did the climb up to Hotel Royal in 2nd gear, and the hill up to Giais in 3rd.  At home took the girls on a walk with Marilyn, then cooked vegetable stew.  Nice Christmas.   

27 Dec 08
Snowed yesterday (went to the gym) and today rode to Grizzo, then to the intersection of the road to San Martino and the road from San Leonardo to Malnisio.  Rode to Malnisio then home.  Nice and sunny, a little slushy in the shady parts.

29 Dec 08
Rode to San Quirino.  Very cold (in 30s).   Rode slow and then cruised on the downgrade to San Quirino.  Turned around at San Quirino and rode home slow.  Felt stronger after San Leonardo.  Went up the hill by Malnisio in 4th gear.

30 Dec 08
Malnisio, San Martino, Via Wasserman, home.  Saw a guy 200 meters behind me when I crossed the train tracks after Malnisio.  I sped up a little, stupid I know.  Turned left at SS 251 and cruised to the roundabout.  I turned onto the road towards Aviano and slowed down to get a drink.   The guy rolled past me.  I rode his wheel a little ways to Via Wasserman.  Felt great all the way up the hill- in 2nd to the Royal and 3rd the rest of the way.

31 Dec 08

Last ride of 2008- a very good year.  Started out unpromising- only rode a few times in Spring, but worked hard from then on- that and the great weather made it a special year.  Went to Cavasso Nuovo, Colle, Arba, home.  Felt great.  The roundabout after Maniago on the way home I felt a little strange- still strong but confused.  I popped in the remainder of my power bar and almost choked.  I couldn’t breathe without opening my mouth.  From now on I’m going to chop them up and put it in wax paper. 

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