Sunday, August 14, 2016

Col Visentin

Rode Fedaia to Vittorio Veneto, then from Longhere to Piani di Grassi.  Was glad to see the start of the Col Visentin dirt road at 1100 meters has been paved.  Alas, the asfalt ends at 1400 meters.  From here the road is as rough as ever.  Despite my best attempt to emulate Jack the Cyclocross Racer I could only ride about a fifth of the remaining distance to Col Visentin.  I walked the other bits.  I was able to ride down though, providing amusement for passing MTBers.    

The Legend Fedaia was again a joy to ride.  Very smooth and easy to toss into a curve on a good line. Makes the miles seem to pass almost effortlessly.

North toward Dolomiti Bellunese 

On the right the green meadows of
Mezzomiglio, above Il Cansiglio

Northeast is Belluno and Piave Valley leading to Cadore

West toward Monte Grappa

Start of the newly paved road: looks white because
the asfalt is surfaced with lentil-sized gravel

Tough climb (I didn't include the gravel
section from 1400 meters to Col Visentin)

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