Friday, August 12, 2016

Zuglio - Val Lauco

I parked at Tolmezzo, rode Fedaia across Torrente But and warmed up on the ride to Zuglio.   There's a church above town I've been wanting to check out, so I headed steeply upward to the village of  Fielis.  San Pietro church is the main attraction, but also many Ferragosto holidayers.  I headed back down: the front brake honking goose is gone after repeatedly scrubbing the disc with alcohol.  It  was pretty oiley.

Next I found the road for Sezza and headed upward again.  Above Sezza it becomes a rolling forest road eventually reaching Fusea.  The Giro rode this route in the opposite direction in 2003 enroute to Zoncolan via Sutrio.  Hard to imagine now it's so deserted.  After Fusea more climbing to Curiedi, down into a ravine at Rio Chiantone, climb back out of ravine to Buttea, descend to Rio Dongieaga, climb to Vinaio, then the big climb to Val di Lauco, descending to end of pavement at Trischiamps.  After returning to Vinaio even the easy climb to Lauco seemed hard.  Wonderful switchbacks down to Villa Santina: the 28mm Michelin Pro 4s are a joy to ride, feel like full suspension after years on 23mm tires pumped rock-hard to avoid pinch flats.   Back to Tolmezzo on the flat main road and then drove home, utterly knackered.

San Pietro church with mountains to east

Crucifix carved from a tree trunk, Fielis 

San Pietro church from the southeast

Wild backcountry above Trischiamps

Over these hills is Monte Arvenis (near Zoncolan)

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