Thursday, August 4, 2016


Been wanting to try this Slovenian adventure for a long time.  After driving to Most Na Soci I parked at Postaya, then started pedaling along the River Baci northeast on the rolling ride to Podbrdo.  Here serious climbing begins, finally topping out at 1280 meters at Soriska Planina.  Had a rear flat shortly before the summit, and found a very stiff piece of steel wire pushed through the casing (from a steel belted truck tire?)  Once that was sorted I went over the top and headed down.  To my dismay the front disc brake wasn't working on the 12% descent so I quickly locked up the rear brake.  The front brake would not regain pressure so I just pulsed the rear and tried to keep from overheating it.  

After the flattish area around lovely Lake Bohinju I turned around and reversed my tracks.  Even steeper this direction, but at least it was uphill so no death-defying thrills.  After the summit several miles of white-knuckle rear brake descending were followed by more fun rollers back to the start.  Strange ride but fun in its own way.

Petrovo Brdo

Below Soriska Planina

Spodnya Sorica

East end of Lake Bohinju 

Church by the lake 

Pobrdo to Soriska Planina

Bohinjska Bistrika to Soriska Planina

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