Thursday, January 28, 2010

Giais-Val Artugna (Dardago)

Short ride but a good one. Headed south on the slight downgrade to San Quirino, then Roveredo. Then headed on the upgrade to Budoia, which starts imperceptible and ends being a good workout. From there, headed up the steeper grade through Dardago, and the Val Artugna, past Il Rifugio and Chalet restaurants, until I reached the barrier at 450 m. The downhill is very fast and steep. Headed onto Via Pedemontane Occidentale, down to the CRO, then up the hill to Giais.

Croda d'Artugna

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lago di Cavazzo- Interneppo- Bordano

Cold day. Rode through Arba and Pinzano to Lago di Cavazzo, Interneppo, and Bordano. North of Pinzano, La Strada di Bottecchia passes under the cliffs of a refuge for griffoni (see ), jewel-like Lago Cornino, through Peonis, then along beautiful Lago di Cavazzo, and up over the pass.
Stopped at the murale di ciclisti tornante (see ) to take some close ups of the paintings for a friend. Nice view of Monte Chiampón from up there. Cruised down through Bordano and looked back to see Monte San Simeone behind, then continued between the cliffs of Monte Brancot and Fiume Tagliamento to Trasaghis. What a beautiful place!

Strada di Bottecchia

Monte Chiampón

2°C out, rode 116 km in 5 hours. HR 158.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sarmede-Fregona-Cappella Maggiore

Lovely ride down Via Pedemontane Occidentale to Caneva, over to Sarmede, up to Fregona and home. Quite cold, but sunny and not too windy. Saw a lady walking 2 cute black and tan miniature chihuahuas near Villa Villa. The hill up to Rugolo was tough- I had to stand after the second switchback. At the top by the church maybe 20 people were sitting by the wall above the cliff with their dogs on leashes. Maybe a dog blessing? Then cruised along the mountainside to Montaner, Fregona, and down the hill to Cappella Maggiore. My legs were tired climbing home.

Montaner, as seen from Rugolo 

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My 2010 cycling goals

Monte Reste- Sella Chiampon 25 April 2010
Il Cansiglio- from Lago Santa Croce 19 Apr 2010
Lago Santa Croce from home 7 Feb 10
Piancavallo from Pedemonte 12 Mar 10
Passo San Osvaldo- Longarone-Vittorio Veneto 10 Jul 10
San Francesco-Sella Chianzutan (maybe the day of the Giro stage?) 6 Apr 10

Passo della Mauria from Ampezzo 10 Jun 10

Ampezzo-Lago Sauris- Passo del Pura 22 Jun 10

Villa Santina-Sella di Razzo-Forcella di Lavardet-Comeglians30 Jun 10

San Franceso-Cuel di Forchia-Forgaria 15 Apr 10