Monday, August 8, 2016

Monte Valinis paved

Artisan framebuilder Marco Bertoletti arrived at my house (!) to investigate my brake issue.  The brakes needed to be filled with fluid as it turned out, so he did that and now they work great (though they honk like an air horn when applied hard).  I think the pads maybe were contaminated with fluid so I'll sort that.  

To test them I tried a nearby climb I've neglected lately, Monte Valinis.   The weather is warm again and the haze has begun returning.  At Meduno I climbed up to the forcella and then started the Valinis climb.  When I reached the cattle gate at 900 meters I was startled to see they've now paved the road all the way to the hang glider launch ramp.  Much easier now without the big round rocks.  In fact it was crowded with parapendio pilots, fun to watch.

Good ride and thank you Marco!


Colline di Sequals far below

A small sample of the parapendi and hangliders
zooming around Monte Valinis

The malga and mountainous backdrop

From a different angle

It's a good workout too

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