Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Passo Praderadego

Passo Praderadego is a favorite climb up the south face of Monte Cesen.  It has a wild remote feel, despite being easily accessible.  After leaving the Vittorio Veneto-Valdobbiadene road it begins climbing steadly, with only a couple of easier stretches.  Beside the dense forest and views of the distant pianura there are towering cliffs to admire.   At the top are some places for visitors to eat.   From here you can descend to Mel and then climb up to Passo San Boldo.  Wondeful area.

At the top

A lodge on the pass

Cool cliffs

Look back toward the pianura

Climb stats

The twisty bits

Suncreen my triathlete friend Bob recommended.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Mezzomiglio - Monte Candaglia - Piancavallo

Over Passo di Fadalto and up the eastern shore of Lago Santa Croce to Villagio Riviera.  Begin climbing moderate switchbacks, which soon become quite immoderate.  It's an endless series of long steep ramps which wear you down almost to collapse when suddenly you reach the meadowy altopiano Mezzomiglio.  Spectacular views of the alps from here.

Next I headed down a very nice packed stone trail to a wooden forest house.  I continued on looser stone trail until the junction for Palughetto and Tafferel.  Two mountain bikers from Belluno showed up and chatted.  I told them I was going to Tafferel and they recommended not going on 28 mm slicks. I've done it before, but it's been raining a lot lately, so after some thought I changed my plans. Instead I rode down the paved road to Palughetto and then took the main road to Pian del Cansiglio.  From here I rode steeply up to Casa Forestale and Monte Candaglia.  That was a beautiful climb.

Next I rode the Panoramica Piancavallo - Cansiglio.  So gorgeous and completely deserted.  At Piancavallo I descended to Rifugio Bornass, enjoying the spanking new asphalt.  I was tired so I coasted down to Madonna della Monte and Costa, then climbed home.

Great ride!

Belluno alps above Mezzomiglio

I Fanghi 1530 meters (above Valle Friz)

Valle Grande above Dardago

Mezzomiglio climb stats

Panoramica Piancavallo Consiglio climb stats

Combined climbs sat map

Monday, May 22, 2017

Monte San Simeone

After riding from home through Pinzano to Forgaria, I passed Lago Cornino and the grifoni nesting cliffs.  Continue north to Lago Cavazzo, then turn right for Bordano.  When the road levels off turn left for Monte San Simeone.  This climb just keeps going and going.  At the top is a restored 13th century church.  Along the route are wildflowers and butterflies.  A must ride!  

Lago Cornino

Carstic boulders at 1200 meters

The Tagliamento

Monte Palantarins 1049 meters

The switchbacks

The stats

Friday, May 19, 2017

Monte Dolada

 I try to visit this climb every year to see what kind of shape I'm in.  After a long ride down to Vittorio Veneto then up to Passo Fadalto, you ride along the beautiful shoreline of Lago di Santa Croce.  Shortly afterward you start climbing up through Pieve d'Alpago and Plois.  Now starts the mountain road to Dolada.  It's very steep and seems like it will never end.  By the end at 1500 meters I was reduced to a quivering bowl of jello.  It's odd because I normally struggle on this climb but finish ok.  I usually follow it with the ride to Tambre, Il Cansiglio and descent to Sarone.  Today I had to take the easy road back through Vittorio Veneto and Cordignano.  But it's good to know the truth and not be deluded.  Now I can adjust my goals accordingly.

Peaks along northeast rim of Alpago

Gorgeous conch-shaped valley

Lago di Santa Croce flanked by Monte Pizzoc and Col Visentin

Climb stats

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Brake Pad Contamination

The other day coming home from Valle di Preone I noticed my fourth bottle of gatorade was  nearly empty so I stopped at the fontana in Pinzano for a refill.  I was very tired and clumsy so when I opened the lid a few tablespoons of artificial orange sugary liquid splashed on my rear wheel.  I refilled the bottle and shoved off home.   An hour later when I rolled into the cortile I hit the rear brake and it honked like an angry goose.  I laughed and went inside to recover.

Next day I wiped down the rotor with alcohol and it looked clean but when I test rode it, same honk.  A second cleaning didn't help either.  So this morning I took off the rear wheel and the pads were not only sticky, they were worn down to the limit.  Luckily I had some new pads and after  cleaning the area around the rear forcellina I changed them: honk fixed.  I've had brake pads contaminated by brake fluid (or mineral oil) before but this is the first time with sports drinks.  It's a jungle out there.

Worn pad left, new pad right

New pads installed

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Monte Rest - Valle di Preone

Woke up early and headed out toward Meduno, then north to Monte Rest.  After a break I rode down the north side of Monte Rest, crossed the Tagliamento and climbed over the hills to Mediis on SS52.  After a brief ride east cross the river again and go to Preone.  Follow the signs for Valle di Preone upward through the forest, then steeply down to river crossing of the Seazza.

Here starts a seriously steep climb up from the river to the high valley.  Then it moderates some and before long the valley opens up into one of the most beautiful altopiano around here.  Past the Cascade of the Arzino  and finally joining the road descending from Sella Chianzutan.  Before long I went through some road paving work around San Francesco, prepping for the Giro in a couple of weeks.  After Anduins the ride was an endurance test:  would I have enough energy to make it home?I did, but just barely.

Climb to Passo di Monte Rest

Climb from Torrente Seazza to Valle di Preone

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Pian dei Grassi

A brief intermission from the rain so I took off toward Vittorio Veneto.  Just after you turn onto the road to Valdobbiadene you pass a little town called Longhere.  Turn at the sign for Fais and head steeply upward.  This continues high above Vittorio Veneto to a junction at 1219 meters.  If you're in shape you can continue to Monte Cor at 1300 meters or to the end of pavement toward Col Visentin at 1400 meters ( or on the gravel road to 1700 meters, preferably on a MTB).  I was exhausted so headed back down.         

Ride home was tough, no energy. I don't think I've been eating enough lately. But I made it home just as the rain started in Giais.  Only got damp, it wasn't too heavy.  Great climb!

End of the road for me today

The route to Monte Cor

The climb continues to Col Visentin if you can

The climb stats