Thursday, August 25, 2016

Chorus 11 compact with 11-32 cassette

When the news broke about Campy's new Potenza 11-32 cassette I ordered one.  Wasn't sure if it would work but it seemed possible.  Also ordered a medium cage Potenza derailleur in case of chain length problems.  Today I finally got around to installing the cassette on Viner Maxima and preliminary testing (ride around the village) seems promising.  All the gears work on small ring and only the 50-32 cross chain is unusable on big ring.  That I never use.  I'll try to give it a proper test tomorrow up some 18-20% grade.

Note: the Potenza lockring is heavy chrome steel, so I tried substituting the Chorus alloy lockring.  Didn't work at first, then I noticed the spacing was different with the Potenza 11-tooth cog and lockring.  With Chorus 11-tooth cog and lockring plus the rest of the Potenza cassette it works great.

 Maybe I'll be able to climb at last

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