Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Clauzetto to Monte Valinis

I rode from home to Travesio and then up Via Val Cosa to Clauzetto.  From there down to Pradis di Sotto, then up to Piani di Clauzetto and down to Campone (bass ackwards from Sunday's ride.  Shortly after Campone a steep turnoff to your left carries you up to Forchia Piccola then onward to Monte Valinis and the parapendi takeoff ramp.  From here descend to Meduno then home.  

Monte Ciauerlac from Pradis di Sotto

View north from Pradis di Sotto


Parapendio above Monte Valinis

View northeast from Monte Valinis

Monday, August 28, 2017

Di2 one year review

One year on I heartily recommend Shimano Di2.  Really can't imagine ever buying another bike without it.  Perfect shifts every time, with auto front derailleur trim to keep it quiet and smooth.

The only features I  personally don't care for are synchro shifting and multi shifting.  Tried them a few rides and had to turn them off.  Another rider might love them.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

4 Hills

A lovely Sunday so I tried to stay under the radar and avoid the August crowds.  First I rode to Fanna and then up the steep road to San Lorenzo.  This is only rideable on Sundays and holidays.  At the top I turned steeply downward to Val Colvera and then cruised up to the junction near Poffabro and Frisanco for Val Muie.  Great fun riding this curvy saliscendi.  At Navarons I headed across the Meduna and up the main road to the turn off for Campone.  Lovely curvy road, slightly uphill.   

At Campone starts the second climb of the day up to Piani di Clauzetto.  Another descent brings you to    Pradis di Sotto where you start the third climb, this one up to Pradis di Sopra.  Immediately you head down the shady valley along Rio Forno, climb up another contrapendenza, then down to Pielungo and Torrente Arzino.  Lots of bathers trying to beat the heat dipping in the cold river.

Now the final big climb of the day, the back road up to Val Tochel, above Monte Prat.  Absolutely deserted, miles of gorgeous forested mountains, and the spectacle of Monte Flagjel and Monte Cuar.  From here the fun descent from Monte Prat to Forgaria.  The ride home was quite warm, with slightly cooler air on the breeze.  Great workout.

Monte Rest from near Monte San Lorenzo

Reclaimed cement quarry of northwest Monte San Lorenzo

Pretty house along the plummet to Torrente Arzino

Monte Cuar above Val Tochel meadows

Monte Flagjel connected by a ridge to the west

Friday, August 25, 2017

Via Guitcillo da Montanara

This is an all-time favorite climb.  From Montaner take Via Guitcillo da Montanara up to a barrier before the last house at 830 meters.  Now you must portage through the blackberry thorn tangle to the next dirt road at 865 meters.   Follow the dirt and concrete roads until you reach the main highway coming up from Vittorio Veneto.  Turn right on the highway and soon you see turn off on your right for Col Oliver Picnic Area.  This is a fun dirt road eventually connecting to Strada Patriarche from Villa di Villa.  Shortly you reach the main highway coming up from Sarone/Caneva.  I headed to Sarone then home.  Had a flat at Gorgazo spring, so had a nice view while I changing the tube.  

This ride is also good for MTBing  but the portage is lighter with Fedaia.  And she made it all the way up non-stop.  Amazing.

Long winding road to Col Oliver

The climb up Via Guitcillo da Montanra

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Col Alt - Monte Candaglia

A cool August morning, perfect for a climb up to Col Alt.  I went nice and easy up to the Alpini chapel above Montaner, the first time nonstop on Fedaia.  Continued up toward Col Alt, but I deviated to the alpine wetland then descended to Carbonaria park on Strada dei Patriarche.  Next I climbed up past La Crosseta then turned onto the gravel road for Candaglia.  Great fun on this road, deserted except for a few hikers.

After Casa Forestale I climbed up past 1500 meters to junction with Panoramica Cansiglio-Piancavallo. Again nearly deserted.  Descended to Bornass, Madonna della Monte and home.  Very tired- think I need to eat more before riding.  

Alpine wetland below Col Alt; usually noisy with frogs
but quiet in this cool August spell 

Livestock watering hole and bird bath near Col de Scios

Casera Campo landscape

Croda di San Tome above Budoia

Sarmede Col Alt climb

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Panoramica Cansiglio-Piancavallo

A wonderful thunderstorm came through last night and blew all the haze away.  So this morning I rode to Mezzomonte and then up past the cemetery to the new paved road from il Cansiglia to Piancavallo.  I rode west to the turn off for Casera Code di Bosco.  Here I headed back east the way I'd come, then continued to Rifugio Valle Friz, Casera Campo and Piancavallo.  At first I took the main road down to Rifugio Bornass, then the deserted back road to Madonna della Monte and home.  Wonderful ride with nice cool temps in August!  

Clear air revealed Mare Adriatico, Istria Penisola,
the islands near Grado and the Laguna di Venezia

Horses grazing at 1400 meters

This dappled horse was particularly curious

Slovenian mountains from near i Fanghi (highpoint)

The climb

Friday, August 18, 2017

Val Cimoliana

I rode up through Barcis and Valcellina to Cimolais.  From here you follow a narrow lane, sometimes paved and sometimes gravel, through Val Cimoliana to end of pavement at 1176 meters.   This is a big rock climbing center with the main attraction being Campanile di Val Montanaia.  

Beautiful place to visit and fun riding on MTB or road bike (watch out for rocks though).
Wildflower meadow

Peaks above Cimolais

Looking further north

Torrente Cimoliana

The first of the big cliffs emerge

Approaching Montanaia area

Pinnacles all along the top of this mountain

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sella Sompdogna

I haven't returned to this gorge since May 2011.  Not sure why as it's a fantastic climb, but I have.  Today I parked in Resiutta and rode SS 13 to Chiusaforte.  Here I located the Alpe Adria bikeway, which follows the old train route to Tarvisio.  I bailed out at Dogna and began the 18 km climb.  It's saliscendi early on, with numerous side canyons, eventually entering a rocky landscape ending with 5 km of 8%.  The sella is the end of the road, though I've heard with a MTB you can descend to Valbruna where pavement resumes.  Must return here more often than once every 5 years.

Waterfalls along the gorgeous Alpe Adria bike route

Julian alp peaks to the south.  You can ascend from
Chiusaforte and see them from the Pian di Montasio side 

Long climb but with much variety

Monday, August 14, 2017

Golo Brdo - Korada

I climbed Korada by MTB  from Golo Brdo a couple of years ago, but today I tried with my Legend Fedaia road bike.  It worked great with the benefit of lighter weight and better efficiency.  Back on  pavement I missed a turn so my original plan to descend via Lig fell through.  No problem though as I descended to Gonjace instead.  l headed for Neblo where I intended to re-enter Italy, but I noticed a sign for a return route to Golo Brdo.  This turned out to be an excellent climb up the mountain, connecting with the turn off  for the dirt road to Korada.  This time I skipped the dirt road and just descended to Golo Brdo.  Beautiful Slovenian ride.