Friday, August 18, 2017

Val Cimoliana

I rode up through Barcis and Valcellina to Cimolais.  From here you follow a narrow lane, sometimes paved and sometimes gravel, through Val Cimoliana to end of pavement at 1176 meters.   This is a big rock climbing center with the main attraction being Campanile di Val Montanaia.  

Beautiful place to visit and fun riding on MTB or road bike (watch out for rocks though).
Wildflower meadow

Peaks above Cimolais

Looking further north

Torrente Cimoliana

The first of the big cliffs emerge

Approaching Montanaia area

Pinnacles all along the top of this mountain

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Sella Sompdogna

I haven't returned to this gorge since May 2011.  Not sure why as it's a fantastic climb, but I have.  Today I parked in Resiutta and rode SS 13 to Chiusaforte.  Here I located the Alpe Adria bikeway, which follows the old train route to Tarvisio.  I bailed out at Dogna and began the 18 km climb.  It's saliscendi early on, with numerous side canyons, eventually entering a rocky landscape ending with 5 km of 8%.  The sella is the end of the road, though I've heard with a MTB you can descend to Valbruna where pavement resumes.  Must return here more often than once every 5 years.

Waterfalls along the gorgeous Alpe Adria bike route

Julian alp peaks to the south.  You can ascend from
Chiusaforte and see them from the Pian di Montasio side 

Long climb but with much variety

Monday, August 14, 2017

Golo Brdo - Korada

I climbed Korada by MTB  from Golo Brdo a couple of years ago, but today I tried with my Legend Fedaia road bike.  It worked great with the benefit of lighter weight and better efficiency.  Back on  pavement I missed a turn so my original plan to descend via Lig fell through.  No problem though as I descended to Gonjace instead.  l headed for Neblo where I intended to re-enter Italy, but I noticed a sign for a return route to Golo Brdo.  This turned out to be an excellent climb up the mountain, connecting with the turn off  for the dirt road to Korada.  This time I skipped the dirt road and just descended to Golo Brdo.  Beautiful Slovenian ride.

Saturday, August 12, 2017


After a week of fence building followed by a couple of days too exhausted to move I finally got back to biking.  From Segusino I returned to the death-climb of Marziai I had tried to MTB a couple of years ago.  Today on Fedaia I did pretty well, but likewise ended up pushing the last km or two of pavement.  Once I reached the gravel road I could see that was going to be all pushing too.  On the MTB I had pedaled from there up to Capella del Monte Garda at 1170 meters.   This is MTB-able to Col Artent and  Rifugio Mareich.

Instead today I headed back down.  Even with discs it was pretty squirrelly, with the back end wanting to come around due to braking on steep rough pavement.  I survived though and was very happy with the ride.  I will try it again with my heavy MTB and try to reach Col Artent this fall.  Bellowing bucks in the hollows below made the ride magical last time.

Piave River and Dolomiti Bellunese from above town

Via Castello

Higher view of the Piave and peaks

Insanely steep concrete raingutter road

The climb

The descent starts with 3km of 15%