Saturday, August 6, 2016

Le Malghe

A wonderful storm blew through yesterday and washed away all the haze.  Spectacular "seeing" for August in Italy.  I hopped on Maxima and headed down to Coltura,  then resumed the climb to Mezzomonte so rudely interrupted by the previous windstorm last weekend.  Then I continued climbing past 1300 meters to the ridgeline connecting Piancavallo with Il Cansiglio.  I decided to try the gravel ridge road on my road bike despite running 23mm slicks.  I made it but I really need fatter tires.

Lots of MTBers up here but no one else.  I'd forgotten how many malghe and casere are along this road.  It still seems wild though despite this contact with civilization.  Eventually I rejoined the descent road from Il Cansiglio to Caneva/Sarone, got down to Via Pedemontane and sped home.  There are several other variations of this ride with other malghe to revisit: must return soon.

View from the 1300 meter ridgeline;
il Adriatico is visible on the horizon

Casera Busa Bernart

Spectacular panorama above La Santissima spring

Looking down at Mezzomonte with
the Adriatic Sea in the background 

Lovely casera

The climb from Coltura to ridgeline at 1300 m

Map listing some of the malghe

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