Sunday, July 31, 2016

Crode di San Tome

The climb from Dardago to Crode di San Tome is a good place to check out the Fedaia's climbing ability: long sections of steady gradient with sparse traffic and beautiful scenery.  The bike is very  comfortable and feels light on the steep gradients.  At end of pavement I turned around and checked out the handling at speed: steady as a rock.  The only thing missing on this climb are lots of curves, so I headed to Mezzomonte to try those.  Unfortunately a hellacious wind storm struck: tree limbs were falling everywhere in the windblown rain.  I turned around at 230 meters and tried to get down intact.  

Back on wide-open Via Pedemontane things were even worse, with wind blasts almost knocking me off the bike several times.  I rode clinching the hoods and bent with my shoulder turned toward ithe blasts.  That seemed to help and I only veered off into the verge once.  After Piancavallo turnoff it got less windy, though still drizzling.   A parade of beautiful red Ferrari with tops down came by, headed toward Piancavallo.  That was a pleasant surprise.  On the final climb past Hotel Royal the bike powered up as if it had a hidden electric motor.  Great climber.      

Val Grande above end of pavement

When an artisan signs his work it means he's proud;
I could sense that when speaking with Marco Bertoletti

Beautiful forcellina: this one customized for QR 

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