Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mangart da Chiusaforte

I drove to Chiusaforte and headed up Val Raccolana, a deep narrow gorge with many waterfalls.  At Sella Nevea you top out at 1162 meters and then head down to Lago del Predil at 960 meters.  After the lake you ascend again to Passo del Predil at 1156 meters.  Now in Slovenia you descend to the turn off for Mangart at 1080, where all the saliscendi ends and you head steeply upward.  It's a beautifully-made road with switchbacks and tunnels, passing first through a rocky gorge then entering a tall dense fir forest.  With altitude this thins and eventually you're climbing rock with some nice alpine grassland.  The very top is a ridge line, dropping off vertically to the north.

The descent was much easier but I went slowly to avoid tourists in cars, motorcycles and a surprising number of cyclists.  I did get very cold, despite arm warmers and a wind vest; next time I'll bring legwarmers.  This is a beautiful climb, as are Vrisc from Kranjska Gora and Vrisic from Trenta.  Paradise!   

Peaks in the Mangart group

Laghi Fusine near Tarvisio

Fedaia clearly wants to keep climbing

View of the area you climb through

Lago del Predil

Mangart stats

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