Saturday, September 3, 2016

Monte Faverghera

I've ridden most of this before but never all in one day.  After driving to Vittorio Veneto I rode over Sella Fadalto to Lago di Santa Croce.  About halfway around the western shore is a tiny turnoff for Cornolade.   This road ascends fairy steeply, but I tried a new variant from Cornolade Alto to Quantin: mostly above 12%,  which was a good warmup for things to come.

From here I took the main road up to Nevegal.  Not too steep, but things changed above Nevegal.  The road up to Monte Faverghera switchbacks though the trees and ski week rental flats up to around 1400 meters.  I continued up a little higher to look off the cliffs: hazy today but still a pretty sight. After descending past Nevegal take a left toward Ronce.  This paved lane soon turns into strada bianca: a gorgeous winding road through a shady tall fir tree forest.  Eventually it arrives in Ronce, where you follow more beautiful paved lanes across grassy meadows.  Next is the steep descent to Pian del Mont and onward to the bottom at Tassei.

From here you climb somewhat steeply to Valmorel, the start of miles of saliscendi across lovely countryside.  Eventually you sail down the wide hairpins to San Antonio, and join the main road for Passo San Boldo.  Not too steep, even in my tired state.  From here down to the pedemontana and back to Vittorio Veneto.  Very fun.

Lago di Santa Croce from 1400 meters

Strada bianca Via Ronce

The tall fir trees along Via Ronce

Adorable blond-maned mountain horses

Bee collecting wildflower pollen

Beautiful hills above San Antonio

Passo San Boldo tunnels

The climb from lakeshore to Monte Faverghera


  1. We met and greeted each other in Tassei, you coming down and I going up. I think you were the only cyclist I met from San Boldo to Nevegal!

  2. Interesting. Yes, it's quite uncrowded.