Saturday, September 10, 2016

Val Settimana

A favorite ride up Valcellina, turning off just before Claut and heading north up Val Settimana.  This road follows the river alternating between pavement and gravel.  Eventually it reaches  Casera La Pussa, where I explored around awhile.

The return was fun, slightly downhill and fast.  I got carried away and did one of the transitions to gravel (and bigger rocks) too rapidly , blowing both tire tubes.  So I replaced them and continued down  past Barcis and home.  Fun ride.

Casera La Pussa

Steep mountainsides above Valle Senons

Stream along Valle Senons trail

Cliffs west of  La Pussa

Cascata on Torrente Valle di Pes

GPS track is missing about 7km after I forgot to restart after tube change

1 comment:

  1. I love that valley. Was there a day after You. I had a MTB so I went all the way up until it ends around 1350m...
    In the past used to go there also with cross bike. Still prefer MTB, even if there is more and more of asphalt.