Thursday, September 8, 2016

Col Alt

Col Alt is a killer climb from Rugolo to a World War II memorial.  I've MTB'ed there before but decided to see if I could do it on Fedaia.  From Sarmede I made it up to about 530 meters but then I was toast.  After hyperventilating awhile I realized I wouldn't make it to the flat spot at 560 meters (turn off to Chiesetta Alpini) so I pushed.  There I remounted and wobbled up the climb to end of pavement at 760 meters.  As you know, the gravel road is even harder to climb, but I made it to the hiking path turn off at 776 meters.  It's grassy single track so I tried to shoulder the 20 lb bike but I was too tired even for that, and had to push it.  I reached the monument at 823 meters, sat down in the shade of the obelisk and ate a piece of cake a friend had given me.   

That revived me so I headed down.  After a brief gravel stretch I reached Strada del Patriarche and coasted down to Villa di Villa and then pedaled home.  Good challenge and I'll try again one day.

Fedaia under trail sign

Col Visentin and Pizzoc

Ridge above Col Alt

Monument to the Partigiani

Too steep for 28 tooth

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