Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Montereale Valcellina

I thought I'd check out the gravel climbing ability of Maxima's 28mm treads so I rode up through Montereale  past Monte Spia and the Osservatorio Astronomico to 773 meters.  The bike worked great though I did have to stop and push a few times when the gravel got deep or too steep.  I returned the way I came until turning left on a trail at 370 meters.  This trail crosses the hill which the last tunnel from Barcis passes beneath.  I had to push the bike and carry it much of the time because it's narrow rocky singletrack.  Eventually I reached Castello di Montereale and then hiked around it carrying the bike (luckily very light).  I hiked down to top of Ravedis dam and then rode home.  Fun!    

From 773 meters our village Giais below

Pala Altei

Grassy pastureland above

Hardy solo trees have survived winter storms

Monte Fara

Monte Jouf

Pala Altei from the east

Lago di Ravedis, water level low

Castello di Montereale ruins

Close up of arco

Long wall on north side

Diga di Ravedis

Lower Lago di Ravedis

Pavement ends at 560 meters

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