Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Zoncolan da Ovaro

Zoncolan is one of the toughest paved climbs in Friuli.  I think only Passo della Forcella from Mione might be tougher.  I tried Ovaro-Zoncolan a couple of years ago and stopped many times to rest (I'd tell you how many but I was too knackered to count).  Anyway I've been riding more hard climbs since then and also installed a 32 tooth granny gear on the Viner.  It was hard but never felt like I would need to stop.

At the top the morning was crystalline with great views in all directions.  I rode back down to Ovaro for the first time- very steep descent.  Highly recommended.

I warmed up with a climb to St Maria Gort on
west bank of Torrente Degano

To the north gorgeous Austrian alps

View west up Val Pesarina 

Northwest toward Forni Avoltri e Sappada

View along the descent

Southwest panorama

Ovaro in Val Degano

I was lucky I started early.  On descent a herd of cows
was heading down the road toward pasture

Steep but climbable

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