Sunday, September 25, 2016

Strada Bianca

I bought a set of 28mm Pro 4 Endurance tires last month for Fedaia's gravel road riding.  It turns out the steel frame with discs and electronic shifters didn't need heavy tires weighing her down.  Maybe just my imagination built she felt heavy.  So I put the light 25mm Axion tires back on and she made it up the paved climb to Valle Friz no problem.

My other Bertoletti-built bike, the Viner Maxima, is nice and light so adding a little weight was less of a problem.  I did have clearance issues with the front derailleur mounting clamp, but a slight tweak of that and lowering the K-edge chain catcher a tad did the trick.

Headed south of town through the corn fields on our strada bianca.  The bike rode great.  Some friendly guys were bird hunting with beautiful well-trained dogs:  felt like I was back home in Alabama.  I ended up at the roundabout north of San Martino.  Soon I got onto another dirt road and cruised north toward Marsure then home.  The normal beating from the stiff carbon frame was mostly soaked up by the tires.  I'll keep testing.

Take a sharp turn onto this dirtroad after San Biagio

After the roundabout you're heading toward Aviano, but
turn right onto this dirt road for Marsure

The rear is a tight fit

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