Tuesday, July 26, 2016


I drove to Slovenia, through Tolmin, past Most na Soci to Dolenja Trebusa.  Instead of the paved road to Gorenja Trebusa this time I took the left dirt fork marked Oblakov Vrh, a beautiful 670 meter pass.  I was on my road bike because I couldn't determine if the road was paved, but the hard-packed dirt was no problem to ride.  After the pass the road eventually became paved, though it was quite rough further down.   The road winds down further to Spodnja Idrija, where it joins the main highway to Idrija.  I passed through this brief trafficked zone and then found the well-paved climb for Vojsko.  It ascends steeply with no rest, reminding me a bit of Dolada.  Finally around 800-900 meters you get some flattish spots alternating with short steep ramps.  Tops out around 900-1000, but I turned toward Mrzla Rupa shortly before the highest spot.  

Now you're on another steep hard-packed dirt road, no trouble with 23mm slicks as long as you keep braking to avoid speed.  After Mrzla Rupa I was on familiar turf: the long steep dirt descent to Gorenja Trebusa.  This seemed much longer on a road bike because of the glacial pace: on MTB it feels like a ski run.  Finally asphalt again near the bottom, then the fast curvy road back to Dolenja Trebusa.

This area of Slovenia is one of the prettiest places I'ver ever been.  Want to try riding to Bohinj lake soon.

Looking back down the dirt road toward Dolenja Trebusa

From Oblakov Vrh back toward Dolenja Trebusa

Over Oblakov Vrh toward Kanomljica

View east from Vojsko

View north from Vojsko

Easy dirt climb to Oblako Vrh

Hard paved climb to Vojsko

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