Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Barcis - Valle Friz

Rode up through Valcellina to Barcis and then headed up Valcaltea to Piancavallo.  Cool shady climb on a midsummer morning.  Next I passed through Piancavallo and began climbing up the road to Casera Campo and I Fanghi.  A few km later I stopped at end of pavement (actually pavement continues down to Mezzomonte but the road to Il Cansiglio turns to dirt).  Fantastic descent to Aviano  then home.

Peaks above Lago di Barcis

The normally-placid dam had its sluice gates wide-open this morning

Thundering cascade

The gorgeous hills at end of pavement

The flock keeping Valle Friz trimmed

First climb Barcis to Piancavallo

Second climb Piancavallo to I Fanghi

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