Thursday, July 7, 2016

Salto della Capra

Monte Grappa has more cycling routes to climb than anyplace I know.  Over the last few years I've done 5 of them  but today I finally got around to the Salto della Capra (Jump of the Goat) climb.  This is right up there with  Bocca della Forca from Possagno in difficulty.  

I warmed up on the easy climb from Semonzo and then turned onto Via San Liberale.  Branched to the right at 530 meters and began 30 switchbacks through the forest.  I was doing pretty good up to 1100 meters then all hell breaks loose.  I stood of course, then started gasping to get enough air.  Near the top I was almost ready to hop off and lie down in the road to rest awhile but I caught a glimpse of the goat weathervane.  This gave me the inspiration I needed to gasp and sputter to the top.  

After a rest I headed west past La Vedetta turnoff at 1447 meters then down into the Valletta, with herds of bell-ringing cows.  The summit of Monte Grappa was socked in so at 1500 meters I decided to head down the wider road to Semonzo.  Very nice descent. 

Wildflowers and a deep gorge

The steel goat weathervane shows no mercy

Goats-eye view of the final deadly switchbacks

Chiesetta atop La Vedetta (1445 m)

Cute baby asino walkin down the road with family

Salto della Capra difficulty

The hard part at the top

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