Monday, July 11, 2016

Via Regia - Mezzomiglio

Through Val Cellina, over Passo Osvaldo, down to the left bank of Piave River on Via Regia bike trail to Farra d'Alpago.  Up Mezzomiglio climb to the turn off on gravel road to il Cansiglio and Palughetto. Descend from La Crosetta to Sarone then home.

River descending from Vajont dam to the Piave

Muddy trail from Soverzene south

Yes, you walk your bike through this muddy tunnel

Cliffs above the trail

Farra d'Alpago Via Regia bikepath bridge

Bay on Lago Santa Croce (Monte Dolada in background)

Rowboat rental with Col Visentin in background

Death-climb up Mezzomiglio

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