Sunday, July 24, 2016

Monte Dolada

Another annual rite:  the climb of Monte Dolada. I rode to Vittorio Veneto and over Passo Fadalto.  After descending to Farra d'Alpago I rode a new approach to Pieve d'Alpago.  Seemed easier.  Then up to Plois and the climb to 1500 meters.  Very hard today, not sure why. I descended to the turn off for Schiucaz, a shortcut to Tambre.   Continued to Spert then down to the bridge and the short hard climb to Campon in Cansiglio.  Lots of vistors today, which is great because maybe they will help preserve this area.  Descended to Sarone them home.  Tired!

Monte Dolada ridgeline from the climb.

Looking down at Alpago conch

Campanile di Pieve d'Alpago above Lago Santa Croce

Monte Dolada

The climb to Tambre

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