Friday, July 22, 2016

Sella Chiampon

This is a beautiful local ride with several climbs to keep you in shape.  First you ride up Passo Monte Rest followed by descent to the Tagliamento.  Quite a hilly road from here to Priuso, where you join the main highway.  Shortly afterward you turn off for Socchieve and Preone.  Climbing out of Preone you reach a fork in the road, the right side of which I'd never explored.  Turns out pavement ends in about a km with an interesting gravel road continuing on.  Backtrack and then descend to Torrente Seazza.  The climb out from here used to give me nightmares but all this working out seems to be helping.  After Sella Chiampon I headed down Fiume Arzino, through San Francesco and Pielungo to Anduins.  I took the shortcut below Vito d'Asio marked Celante which bypasses the climb to Clauzetto.  From Travesio I took the usual route through Arba to Campagna and home.  Fun ride.

View west from Monte Rest descent

End of pavement on the unknown road I checked out today 

Torrente Seazza

From Val Preone: the gap I MTB'd through last year to Malga Pezzeit

View from Val Preone toward Sella Chiampon

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