Sunday, July 17, 2016

5 Hills

5 local hills strung together to make a ride.  Rode to Travesio and headed up to Clauzetto.  Then I rode down to Pradis di Sotto and up again to Piani di Clauzetto.  From there down to Campone where I visited the water mill, and up again to Forchia Piccola.  That was the steepest part.

I descended to Meduno then crossed the river and rode west to Monte San Lorenzo.  Steeply down to Valcolvera and then through Poffabro to Pala Barzana.   I descended down to the tunnel connecting Barcis with Montereale then headed home.  Good ride.

View from above Clauzetto toward Monte Valinis

From descent to Campone looking west

Mulino at Campone (originally built in 1600)

View of the waterfall

View from mulino north toward Tamar 

Pastureland on descent from Forchia Piccola

Monte Raut from Monte San Lorenzo

View north from Pala Barzana descent

View west from Pala Barzana descent

Forchia Piccola climb

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  1. That looks like a good "medium mountains" stage! Good work!