Saturday, January 21, 2012


After a few days of fog, cloudy cold and rain the sun finally re-emerged this morning.  I warmed up through Maniago and turned toward Fanna.   Just before Fanna is a left turn for Via Vals.  It's an unusual mountain road- very wide, well-paved with broad switchback ends.  These accommodate huge open- hopper trucks carrying rock from the open-face mine on Monte San Lorenzo down to the cement mill near Fanna.  The remnant of poor Monte San Lorenzo appears ready to collapse at any  moment.

It's a good climb, scaling 240 meters in 3.3 km (around 8%).  At the top is the trailhead for Chiesa San Lorenzo, on the lovely unscathed western side of the mountain.  A bit further is a turnoff for the cliffside road to Vals, a tiny settlement of a dozen houses.  The pavement ended here so I headed back, then turned right to descend steeply to Valcolvera.  The little river was frozen solid along here, quite pretty (decided not to bring my camera today.  Doh!)  Just after the turnoff for Frisanco I headed right down Val Muié.  Beautiful even in winter, with its stream frozen over as well.  After Navarons I crossed the Meduna, then headed home via Meduno, Fanna, Maniago.  Nice ride!


  1. Your blog is great, but it makes me homesick. I lived in Montereale Valcellina for almost 5 years from early 1994 through late 1998. Was stationed at Aviano Airbase, bought a gorgeous Pinarello Gavia my first year there (still have it...still my favorite bike), and road all over the exact same roads that you feature in your blog. I loved every bit of it and couldn't get enough. I've cycled a lot of places, but that area is, by far, my favorite. If I could live anywhere in the would be there. I'm at Ramstein, Germany now...not bad, but still nothing compared to Aviano. Keep it up!! Your blog is great and you get to experience the best cycling in the world!

  2. Thanks!

    BTW I forgot to mention Via Vals is barricaded on workdays from 1000-1200 and 1500-1700 because of blasting at the mine. Probably best to ride it on weekends or holidays- no trucks then either!