Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lago Cà Selva

Lago Cà Selva is a mountain lake north of Meduno.  Turn off the main road at Lago Redona (aka Lago Tramonti) and cross the dam.  Follow the lake shore to Chievolis and here the climb begins, from 320m to 558m in 6 km.  Doesn't sound much, but it's quite steep (with gradients up to 13%), and lots of ups and downs in between.  

Didn't take any pictures because there's been no snow this year, the vegetation's all brown, etc.  The lack of precipitation also has lowered the lake level and reduced the normally-thundering rapids of Torrente Silisia to a trickle.  Still a good workout though, and I'll try to ride it more often this year. 

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