Saturday, January 14, 2012

Monte Prat

Warmed up through Pinzano, climbed the switchbacks to Forgaria (256m) and turned left toward Monte Prat. A steady climb to San Rocco (388m), and then up the beautifully rebuilt road to the meadows of Monte Prat at 762m. Leaving the meadows you take a narrow mountain lane through the forest to the crossroads at 910m. If you turn right you go to Cuel di Forchia and Avasinis, or you can turn left for Val d'Arzino.   Above this crossroads towers Monte Cuar, with ten griffoni spiraling high above. They must have well-insulated down plumage to soar around at these temperatures.

I returned down the fantastic curvy road, smoothly-paved with well-banked switchbacks. I was quite frozen on the ride back to Pinzano, and did not thaw out until Lestans. After Sequals there was a headwind and I was very tired, so rode home slowly.

I apologize for not taking any pictures- it was still snowless and dull brown. Send us your snow!

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