Tuesday, January 17, 2012


A few cyclists were out on this cold weekday. One young lady on a bike seemed so happy to see another biker she yelled "Ehilà!" at me across the road.

After an easy ride down Via Pedemontane Occidentale through Cordignano, I turned right after Pinidello at the Green River Bar (on Fiume Meschio).  Climbed gently to Anzano outside Vittorio Veneto, then turned right on the road marked Il Cansiglio.  This climbs fairly steeply up through Fergona to Osigo (359m).  Here turned right and curved along the cliffside road to Montaner, then at the stop sign turned right again and began the steep descent to Sarmede on a lovely switchbacked road.  From Sarmede it's a rolling ride to Caneva, then up Via Pedemontane again to home.

The drought continues- even Monte Visentins (1760m) has sparse snow- just a light dusting at the top.   Cold ride, but fun.   

 Fancy mobile goat feeder; they also have turkeys and chickens

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