Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Passo di San Lorenzo

Today the haze blew away and the skies are absolutely clear.  I headed west via Anzano to Vittorio Veneto, then up the switchbacks to Passo di San Lorenzo (417m).  So peaceful up here, then gliding down the wonderful switchbacks toward Tarzo.  Just above Tarzo turn left onto the Strada Panoramica, a narrow mountain lane that descends steeply through the prosecco vineyards.  Join the main road south of Tarzo and roll rapidly down to Corbanese, then turn left and climb over the ridge and down to Cozzuolo.  This whole zone is covered in prosecco vines, continuing down the valley and up the next ridge above Conegliano.

Entering Vittorio Veneto again I was still in ecstasy from the gorgeous hills and misjudged a roundabout and slid down.  Popped right back up, and the car behind stopped and asked if I was ok.  Very nice of them.  I headed on via San Martino to Cordignano, and must have had a tailwind because it felt like I was flying.  After Fiaschetta there's a little rise- I downshifted and noticed the derailleur cage was striking the spokes in the 4th cog.  So I stopped and saw the derailleur hanger was bent.  Without thinking I grabbed it to unbend the soft aluminum and snap, the derailleur fell off.  So I called my wife, who was getting ready to go to a doctors appointment, and she saved the day by coming to pick me up.  I walked a mile or two down the road while waiting to shorten her trip.  A fellow on a bike stopped to ask if I needed help, but I showed him the damages and he knew it was a lost cause.  People are so thoughtful to stop and try to help.

Tomorrow I'll try to order a new derailleur hanger- in the meantime I'll be riding the Trek 1220 Clint was so kind to give me.

Looking north toward snowless Col Visentin (1763m) in background
 and Col Bressen (859m) center 

Lovely Santuario di Santa Augusta, a good hiking destination

Chiesa di San Lorenzo (380m)

The poor broken derailleur hanger

The twisty climb, from right to left

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  1. Complimenti per l' ottimo lavoro che fai con il tuo blog. Torno a leggerti volentieri e lo farò spesso. Ciao, Fabio