Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buon Anno Monte Jouf

Finally got around to climbing this little route again. After crossing the Cellina I turned off for Maniago Libero, then cruised a few hundred meters before taking a sharp left.  At this turn there's a bar or café beside a narrow lane heading steeply up the hill.  I stood for much of this, winding upward through the forest for 1.8km, averaging 8.8%, with one stretch of 14% and another of 15%.  Around 487m there's a level bit, with a gravel road turning left up the mountain.  

The paved road then descends steeply through forest and the ruins of Castello di Maniago, dating from the 1300's.  At the bottom I entered Piazza Roma, then headed back through Maniago Libero and home.  I'd like to try this other way round next time- the descent seemed quite steep and should make a challenging climb. 

Mountain bikers headed toward the top of Monte Jouf (1203m)

Evocative ruins of Castello di Maniago

The high front wall

Another view of the ruins

Remnant of fortifications further down the hill

An arco (not far from Piazza Roma) leading to castello

Rode this clockwise

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