Sunday, January 8, 2012

Val Cosa-Orton-Val Chiarzo

A cold bright morning, with lots of cyclists out and about. I warmed up through Arba and Travesio, then headed up Val Cosa. The actual climb starts at 257m and climbs at 6.5% through Clauzetto to Orton (723m). After dipping down to Gerchia and then back up to Piani di Clauzetto (674m), you descend to Campone and Val Chiarzo. Up to this point it was cold but the sun was shining and it never felt frigid. But Val Chiarzo runs east to west, with a south-facing mountain range blocking out all sunlight. It feels like a deep freeze for several kilometers. There was even a frozen waterfall on the gorge wall.

Finally I escaped the cold and headed along Lago di Tramonti to Meduno. From there it's a fairly flat ride home, but a never really got warmed back up. Cold muscles do not work well.

Sorry no pictures, but there was no snow and everything was a dull brown color. Pray for snow!

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