Saturday, August 1, 2015


I haven't been down to our southeast much lately.  I'm trying to remedy that oversight.  This morning I rode down to Cordenons, then the road east toward Arzene.  Shortly afterward I reached Valvasone, a pretty town with some very old buildings.  I wandered around taking pictures, then left town headed toward Vivaro.  There is a guado (ford) on this road (also on the road from Cordenons) but they are bone dry.  The surface is hard-packed so no problem on a road bike.  At Vivaro I took the long straight road to Vajont and home.  This route is very flat, which felt great after all the climbing lately.

Erasmo Valavsone

Giulietta's balcony at Palazzo Pinni

Gate tower entering center of Valvasone

The castle (pardon my thumb)

View of arched portico

Barbican of castle 

Campanile towering over
narrow medieval streets

The town church

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