Monday, August 3, 2015

Zoufplan MTB

Another climb in Carnia, near Zoncolan, Crostis, Paularo.  In 2011 I climbed up to 1670 meters here on the Merckx but could't ride the dirt road higher.   Today on MTB I continued to Zoufplan and onward along a trail which traverses the steep precipices below Cimone di Crasulina.  I've seen GPS tracks and descriptions of MTBers connecting with Panaramica delle Vette, the road from Crostis which has a paved spur descending to Ravascletto.   I was mostly pushing the bike along here to avoid plummeting.  Then I reached a sheer rocky slope I knew I couldn't cross with the bike.  I turned back and retraced my steps.

Met an older couple of hikers on the way back toward Zoufplan and when I told them my plight the fellow mentioned he'd done it by descending a ways and carrying the bike on his shoulder.  He pointed out the path a bit below.  I believe he could do it because this guy was huge, like the strongman at the county fair in an old movie.  I know there's no way my scrawny self could do it hauling a bike.  I may try coming from Crostis or Ravascletto next time and ascend the ridge from the west.

Monte Avernis, meadows on left where I biked last week

Monte Paularo on the right, where I climbed the other day;
below is valley road to Timau and Passo del Croce Carnico

Alpine lakes in the valley below Zoufplan

Monte Coglians, highest peak in Friuli 2780 meters

To north, peaks above Timau and  Austria

Tough climb; the max grade is erroneous

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