Wednesday, August 5, 2015


I've heard good things about this swimming hole on Torrente Arzino, but always forget to visit.  Today  I chose a rolling, saliscendi route to the river, which is harder for me than a single long climb.  I've heard the continuous variation prevents you getting in rhythm.  Sounds plausible.

After the tunnel from Montereale I climbed over Pala Barzana then down to Poffabro, continuing down Valmuie to Navarons.  After the lakeside I headed up toward Campone and Piani di Clauzetto.  Now down again to Pradis di Sotto caves.  Back up to Pradis di Sopra then down to Pielungo.  At the riverside I headed south to Pert and into the river.  The cold water felt great on my feet ( wearing my SPD sandals).  Back up to the main road to Anduins, Pinzano and home.  Now I'm knackered.   

Cemetery from 1917 battle in the days after the Kobarid route

German graves (the Germans came to help
Austria Hungary which was losing on the Izonzo Front) 

Italian graves (Italy was desperately trying to halt the German
advance which threatened to sweep across Italy)

Looking north up the gorge of Torrente Arzino

Pert: note the deep water along the low-lying  cliff face

You can see the blue-green deeper water extends quite a way along the cliff

Looking back toward Pert from the main road above

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