Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Forecast called for rain all day so I didn't plan to ride, but it looked nice outside so I took off.  No particular destination, just rode around.  Ended up riding to Caneva, Sacile, Brugnera, Prata and Porcia.  Very relaxing the first couple of hours.  Then as I headed home I saw huge black thunderheads looming over Aviano.  No rain though.  Then as I climbed through Marsure a lady on a city bike came screaming down the hill and shouted "Piove in su!" to me.  I grabbed my helmet in despair.  Another guy standing in the street staring at the sky bade me "Corraggio!"  By Hotel Royal a descending road biker laughed and muttered something about our giro.  But I made it to the top rain-free, only getting uno chilometro del bagno gratis.  Not too bad.     

BTW I changed the Viner's front bearings the other day and they felt very smooth today.  May buy a set for the rear and do them as well.  Fulcrum 5 cartridge bearings seem to last me about 2 years.    

Livenza at Brugnera bridge

Livenza at Brugnera riverwalk park

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