Thursday, July 30, 2015

Passo San Boldo - Nevegal

From Vittorio Veneto I pedaled the road bike up over Passo San Boldo and its crazy cliff-face switchback/tunnels.  Then down toward  San Antonio Tortal, where I planned to take the main road to Valmorel.  But from the corner of my eye I saw a sign for Pianezze on a road heading steeply upward and had to try it.  It was a beautiful ride through tall fir trees interspersed with large grassy meadows  A km or two was unpaved but the hard-packed dirt was perfect for a road bike. 

You end up in Pianezze, but it turns out you're in a bowl valley so you must climb steeply to get out.  Luckily the pavement has resumed so you can get traction.  Near Pranolz you reach the main road which carries you through Melere down to Valmorel.  You now descend steeply to Val Lamon, through Tassei and again up steeply through Piandelmonte to Ronce.  Here you follow another hard- packed dirt road winding through the forest to Nevegal.

Fast descent on the main road to Quantin, right turn by cemetery down to Roncan, then right toward Cornolade and Lago Sante Croce, Fadalto and Vittorio Veneto.  Wonderful ride but hard because of all the saliscendi.  Quite a workout.


Passo di San Boldo

View near San Antonio Tortal of Dolomiti Bellunesi 

View northwest from road for Pianezze 

Rifugio at Pianezze 

From above Valmorel looking north

View from Cornolade road of beautiful Alpago and surrounding peaks

Steep climb from Tassei to Ronche

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