Friday, August 28, 2015

Monte Rite MTB

I drove to Longarone and rode my MTB to the edge of Forno di Zoldo, then turned right on the road to Forcella Cibiana.  There I found the road to Monte Rite, went around the barricade and headed up. It's dirt but the surface is good and the gradient consistently 10%.  I've read about people climbing it with a road bike and it looks possible, though the descent would be tedious avoiding sliding on the dirt and gravel.

At the top (2149 meters) the views were great in all directions except northeast, which had clouds boiling up out of Cadore valley.  Finally captured the elusive Pelmo without its cloud cover.

The ride down was fun.  I'll have to come back and try this again from Venas di Cadore sometime. Monte Rite is a great climb.

Hay drying sheds at Fornesighe

Monte Pelmo with no clouds!

View south from Monte Rite

Jagged peaks to the east of Monte Rite

To northwest Cadore valley with Cortina in distance 

Antelao to north

WW I fortress now is a museum

From Forno di Zoldo to Monte Rite summit
(max grade is wrong; maybe 14-15%)

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